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The Imp champion's scroll is a scroll that an imp may very rarely drop when killed. It is a challenge from the Imp Champion. By bringing this scroll to Larxus in the basement of Champions' Guild, the player may fight the champion in Champion's Challenge Distraction and Diversion.

Luck enhancers have no effect on the chances of obtaining this scroll as a drop, although a Champion scroll enhancer does. When in your inventory, the enhancer gives a 20% higher chance of receiving a scroll. The enhancer has 250 charges to start with, and one charge is used whenever you kill a creature that has a chance of dropping a champion scroll. It will disappear when all the charges have been used up.

Tips for acquiring the scroll[edit | edit source]

General advice[edit | edit source]

The imps tend to respawn quickly and if you are very fortunate it may only take an hour or two to obtain the scroll, but due to its rarity, it may take significantly longer. Occasionally, imps may teleport inside walls or inaccessible areas resulting in a lessened overall kill rate until the imp decides to teleport again, returning its related spawn point into circulation. If you are hunting imps at the Tower of Life or the Karamja resource dungeon it is recommended to bring a cannon with the restocking cannon perk unlocked.

Tower of Life tactics[edit | edit source]

Though the area around the Tower of Life is very spacious, it has quite a large number of imps (5-7). The preferred method is to place a cannon with the restocking perk unlocked 3 spaces south-east of the bush patch. Once the cannon is placed you are able to afk, disassemble items, or skill for up to 20 minutes before needing to restock - however, you must remain in the area or the cannon will not fire. Alternatively, you may choose to hunt down imps with a ranged or magic weapon. This is the most accessible area for imp hunting as there are no skill level requirements. The expected AFK kills per hour using the cannon method is approximately 300.

Karamja resource dungeon[edit | edit source]

The Karamja Volcano resource dungeon is a good place to get an imp champion scroll, requiring level 25 Dungeoneering to enter. There is an abundance of imps and lesser demons inside, but the lesser demons are aggressive. The preferred method is to place a cannon in the middle of the dungeon with soul split active. Players may choose to bring a demon horn necklace with an ectoplasmator in order to AFK more easily, or to use the death note perk and pick up the ashes for increased profit. The expected AFK kills per hour using the cannon method is approximately 300.

Morytania slayer tower dungeon tactics[edit | edit source]

A large number of imps (11+) spawn in this resource dungeon. The preferred method is to use aggression potions, soulsplit, a demon horn necklace, an ectoplasmator, and to stand in the south west corner of the dungeon. Players will primarily be killing abyssal demons using this method, but will catch all imps as they spawn. Alternatively, players can run circles around the map, killing any imps in sight. Single target ranged attacks are recommended to avoid drawing attacks from nearby abyssal demons and dark beasts. Dark beasts in this resource dungeon are aggressive, but running through quickly should prevent taking significant damage. Imps occasionally teleport prior to death and leave their drops in inaccessible areas of the map, so it is possible for the champion scroll to drop in an inaccessible area. The expected AFK kills per hour using the aggression potion method is approximately 300.

God Wars tactics[edit | edit source]

Wearing a Zamorak affiliated item, enter the Zamorak area, and kill imps inside. This method should be a little less monotonous than the above, allowing players to do more killing and less running. This method is probably the longest path to obtain the scroll, as the imps are higher level (although still only level 7), and spawn relatively far from each other.

This method also allows you to work towards obtaining the Warpriest of Zamorak armour.

Falador tactics[edit | edit source]

Bring a basic mage outfit (a staff, some runes, basic robes) then head to the south entrance of Falador. There are 3 spawn points there, two just above the pig's pen and one to the west of it. Pick them off at range as quickly as they spawn to avoid chasing them all over southern Asgarnia.

Varrock tactics[edit | edit source]

At the west entrance of Varrock, near the west bank, around the guard house at the end of the wall, There are two imps: one can be found near the potion shop, and the other imp may teleport into the forest near Gertrude's house. These two imps can be impractical to hunt as there are only 2, and they can easily get cut off from the player, quickly making them more frustrating than they're worth. However, if the player is tired of chasing around the imps found in the grand exchange and/or Yew woodcutting area slightly north of these 2, it can be a nice change of pace to swap areas back and forth once in a while.

There are 3 imps in the Grand Exchange that tend to be around the three yew trees and the spirit tree. The one near the spirit tree always spawns there and is commonly seen stuck in the corner, while the other 2 are almost always near the yew trees and ivy.

Karamja volcano[edit | edit source]

There are 4 imp spawns around the Karamja volcano lava field, normally they are found in in groups of two. Two are on the west side of the lava field, and two on the north side. These 4 can be a pain to hunt as they tend to get lost in the jungle at the foot of the mountain.

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Imp Champion's scroll.

'Ow about picking on some'un yer own size? I'll see you at the Champions' Guild, guv.

Champion of Imps

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