Imcando Magic Can't Melt Elder Rune Boots

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Imcando Magic Can't Melt Elder Rune Boots is an achievement that requires the player to heat a pair of unfinished elder rune armoured boots from 0% heat to 100% heat using only the Superheat Item spell. The Explorer's Ring 4 may be used to cast Superheat Item. The boots can be of any upgrade tier.

The easiest way to complete this achievement is by not initially heating the item. For players with up to level 97 Smithing, this can be accomplished by starting the project by clicking an anvil rather than a forge, or by starting at a forge and rapidly clicking away to stop the heating.

Players with level 98 Smithing or above will always create elder rune items at full heat, even when starting at an anvil, and as such will need to either reduce their Smithing level or make highly upgraded boots such as +4 or + 5 in order to be able to reduce the item's heat to 0% before the item is completed. Using a crystal hammer or other effects that either increase progress or reduce heat loss should be avoided, as this makes the achievement more difficult.

If you have level 99 Smithing, you can also teleport to the God Wars Dungeon, using the Trollheim Teleport or the God Wars Dungeon Teleport spell. Stand in the ice and cold until your stats have fallen. Once stats are no lower than level 90 teleport to an anvil and begin your boots.

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