Ifaba's General Store

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Ifaba's General Store is a general store run by Ifaba. It is located in the west of the market of Ape Atoll.

Players need to have started Monkey Madness to access this store. It is required to wield one of the monkey greegrees as the store is located right in between two monkey archers, who will attack players in human form. However, players do not need to be wearing the monkeyspeak amulet/cramulet in order to trade with Ifaba.

The stall can be stolen from with level 5 Thieving, granting 16 experience and a pot, hammer, or a tinderbox. It respawns every 5 seconds.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Item Stock Sell price Buy price GE price Resale value
Empty pot.png: Ifaba's General Store sells 30 of Empty pot for 1 and buys them for 1Empty pot301Coins 1.png1Coins 1.png210Coins 100.png6,270Coins 1000.png
Jug.png: Ifaba's General Store sells 10 of Jug for 1 and buys them for 1Jug101Coins 1.png1Coins 1.png49Coins 25.png480Coins 250.png
Rope.png: Ifaba's General Store sells 10 of Rope for 18 and buys them for 5Rope1018Coins 5.png5Coins 5.png393Coins 250.png3,750Coins 1000.png
Bucket.png: Ifaba's General Store sells 30 of Bucket for 2 and buys them for 1Bucket302Coins 2.png1Coins 1.png318Coins 250.png9,480Coins 1000.png
Tinderbox.png: Ifaba's General Store sells 10 of Tinderbox for 1 and buys them for 1Tinderbox101Coins 1.png1Coins 1.png620Coins 250.png6,190Coins 1000.png
Hammer.png: Ifaba's General Store sells 10 of Hammer for 13 and buys them for 3Hammer1013Coins 5.png3Coins 3.png891Coins 250.png8,780Coins 1000.png

Thieving Rewards[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Estimated based on 27 kills from the RuneMetrics drop logging project.

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