Icyene graveyard

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The Icyene graveyard with Efaritay's Palace in the background.

The Icyene graveyard is located between Meiyerditch and the Everlight Dig Site. It can be reached by using the shortcut in the south of the entrance area of the dig site. It plays a role in Archaeology, The Lord of Vampyrium, and River of Blood, and Safalaan can be found here during the first quest and Efaritay can be found here in the latter.

Tombstones and unfinished grave plots can be found scattering the area, with many tombstones depicting the names and a brief description of dead or fallen Icyene. Five of the tombstones are scratched out with animal marking and cannot be read.

In the centre of the graveyard is a small catacomb that holds a statue with Efaritay's pendant on it, which is what Safalaan was searching for. He notes that, curiously, the catacomb does not contain his parent's remains, but does contain a small staircase leading underground which is not accessible.

Gravestones and their examine texts[edit | edit source]

  • Bable: Bable. You faced Saradomin's judgement and were found wanting.
  • Briar: You gave your friendship so readily, dearest Briar.
  • Chambour: Be cleansed in Saradomin's light, quick-fingered Chambour.
  • Dazune: To my great stalwart, Dazune. You will be missed.
  • Dessocles & Apherna: Dessocles and Apherna Hallow, parents to Our Great King, Ascertes. May they rest well together among the icyene.
  • Haylesse: Haylesse, Sentinel Eternal to our queen. Resolute, she guards.
  • Garmel & Hylandia: Garmel and Hylandia. I miss you both.
  • Marino: None lived longer than you, Marino, and none more heartily.
  • Padosan: Graceful Padosan. Beloved by her brother, cherished by her audience.
  • Pinwheel: Pinwheel, you soared in the sky and our hearts.
  • Prescia: Prescia, may your soul fly with serenity back to Hallow.
  • Ravina: Our wings fold over you, Ravina.
  • Sergeant Mazakon: Here lies noble Mazakon, sergeant of the 73rd, caster of demon-ash to the Kharidian winds.
  • Tarnation: Silver-winged Tarnation, who fell defending our Great Lady.
  • Tromple: Tromple. Hate to say we told you so.
  • Viridia: Rest upon Saradomin's palm, sweet Viridia.
  • Whippoorwhill: Rest well, Whippoorwhill. May your laughter echo through Hallowvale.
  • Icyene legions: May this tombstone serve as remembrance to the icyene legions that fell during the God Wars.
  • Five illegible gravestones: The gravestone is covered in animal scratches and barely legible.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At the docks where the player arrives at the Icyene graveyard, one can find a seagull that drops feathers. This is most likely a reference to Mod Ana, the developer of the previous quest in the series (The Branches of Darkmeyer), who did not want to add feathers to the drop table of seagulls. On 23 October 2017, feathers were added as a drop to all other seagulls.