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The Icon of Bob can be built in the icon space (hotspot) of a player-owned house. It aligns the chapel with Bob the Jagex Cat, using paw print windows and Bob statues. It does not align the symbol on the altar however; the altar will remain in its default alignment to Saradomin. Construction of this icon in a chapel will allow the altar in that chapel to bless extra fine sand into blessed sand for use in crafting a blessed flask.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The icon seems to make use of the joke that Bob the Jagex Cat is secretly Zaros. This is shown to not be true because altars with an Icon of Bob are aligned to Saradomin instead of Zaros. Additional proof can be found when talking to Azzanadra after The Temple at Senntisten, if you ask if Zaros is a cat. He says that Bob is not Zaros, and that you shouldn't rely on information from a cat.