Iceberg (2015 Christmas event)

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Iceberg (2015 Christmas event) was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
Iceberg (2015 Christmas event).png
The first part of the iceberg.

The iceberg was an area that could be found north of Daemonheim. It was the location of the 2015 Christmas event, from 30 November 2015 11 January 2016. Areas of the iceberg were unlocked as the player progressed throughout the event, opening a new area during each episode of the quest. Various snow imps and penguins could be found on the iceberg.

A special holiday lodestone could be found on the map during the time of the event, which teleported players to the iceberg.

The ice rink on the iceberg.

The first part of the iceberg, unlocked during Episode 1: For Your Ice Only, had a range in which to cook Christmas pudding, roast potatoes, roast turkey, and yule log for the penguins. Cooking and Defence experience could be earned from cooking and tasting the food.

The second part of the iceberg, unlocked during Episode 2: Live and Let Slide, had an ice rink where players could ice skate, using ice skates, to gain Agility experience. There were various obstacles to avoid on the rink, including a drunken Sir Amik Varze, light patches of ice, and sleeping penguins.

The third part of the iceberg.

The third part of the iceberg, unlocked during Episode 3: License to Chill, was the location of Snowverload, and piles of snow in which to make snow mages, snow rangers, and snow warriors. Combat and Construction experience could be earned by constructing the snowmen and fighting Snowverload, as well as a small festive lamp each time Snowverload was lured to the Queen of Snow and killed.

The banquet on the iceberg.

The tip of the iceberg, unlocked during Episode 4: Quantum of Solstice, was home to the festive banquet held for the penguins. Santa Claus could be found here to finish the event. There were also fishing spots and ice blocks, to catch festive fish for Fishing experience, and construct ice sculptures for Crafting experience, respectively.

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