Ice Queen's Lair

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The Ice Queen's Lair is a dungeon, located under the White Wolf Mountain. Level 50 Mining and a pickaxe are required to remove the rockslide to gain access. The most iconic reason to visit is for players to slay the Ice Queen to obtain her ice gloves, which are required for several quests. Near the throne, players may find a small obelisk. The lair is also a location for a Scan clue with an elite clue scroll.

Reaching the Ice Queen[edit | edit source]

Head to White Wolf Mountain. The closest teleport is the Taverley teleport using the lodestone system.

From Taverley walk up the eastern side of the mountain and enter the cave just west of Grimgnash which places you on the summit near 3 trapdoors. Just east of the trapdoors is a mine-able rock slide blocking the way to 3 ladders - mine it and you will automatically walk through (50 mining required). Alternatively, have a friend mine the rock slide and walk through with them.

  1. Go down the southern-most ladder and follow the tunnel southwest.
  2. Climb up the ladder towards the end and you will be on the summit of the mountain with several level 51 Ice Giants and 3 ladders.
  3. Go down the east ladder and follow the tunnel north past the ice spiders and ice giants, following the tunnel as it loops around.
  4. Climb up the ladder at the end and you will be just east of the first 3 ladders you started at.
  5. Climb down the north ladder and go north until the dungeon opens into the Ice Queens throne room, which contains several level 54 ice warriors and the level 77 Ice Queen.

When attempting to defeat the Ice Queen, if a player stands to the eastern side of the Queen's throne, the surrounding warriors will not be able to continue following the player, while the player can still be set in a position to attack the Ice Queen.

Monsters[edit | edit source]

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