Ice Mountain Dwarven Colony

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The southern end of Ice Mountain

The Ice Mountain Dwarven Colony is an unofficial name given to a large underground city found beneath Ice Mountain in northern Asgarnia. The colony is home to a large number of dwarves, who are connected to the dwarven capital city of Keldagrim and the Dwarven Realm. The colony is seen only in the first RuneScape novel, Betrayal at Falador. Although players cannot access the city, they can visit the Dwarven mines, an area in which many of the colonists work. The Colony is led by a Council of Elders, who represent the most experienced members of the Colony.

One of the Colony's smaller entrances exists on the peak of the Mountain; however, this cannot be found in-game. Unlike most of the dwarven settlements that players can visit, the Colony appears to much less industrialised and adheres to more traditional dwarven cultural values, such as those seen in its former neighbour of Camdozaal. It appears that most of the city's metalworking is done completely by hand, rather than by machinery as is often seen in Keldagrim. Feasting, singing, spoken tales, and Guthixian religion all play a much greater role in the Colony than in more modern dwarven settlements.

A portion of the Dwarven mines, which belong to the Colony.

Prior to the War of 164, the Colony held an uneasy truce with Asgarnia. However, factors such as mining rights and land claims strained the friendship of the two. The Colony ultimately became more open with Asgarnia because of Kinshra Lord Sulla's hostile attacks on the region, including the Battle of the Monastery and the Battle of the Glacier. This culminated during the Siege of Falador, during which the Colony aided Asgarnia by sending several hundred Dwarven Black Guard soldiers to the aid of the city. Since 164, the Colony has become much more open with Asgarnia, and its mining rights have been expanded to include the southern reaches of the Dwarven mines. As an act of goodwill, qualifying humans are permitted to use the Mining Guild, which legally could be made a dwarf-only area.