I Made Dis

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I Made Dis is an achievement that requires the player to wear a full set of Dagon'hai robes and use a ritual dagger on the sacrificial altar in the Dungeon of Disorder at the Infernal Source dig site. The sacrificial altar is accessed after repairing the gutted fireplace with three crest of Dagon in the Star Lodge cellar.

After reaching the bottom of the fireplace, the altar is located to the north on The Dark Underbelly research or near the sacrificial altar excavation hotspots.

Dagon'hai robes[edit | edit source]

AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Dagon'hai hat.pngDagon'hai hat107----9313,780
Dagon'hai robe top.pngDagon'hai robe top123-2--1483,586
Dagon'hai robe bottom.pngDagon'hai robe bottom117-2--1249,985

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This achievement name is a reference to the meme of the same name.