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Hudon is the young son of Almera, who is stranded on a piece of land on the Baxtorian Falls. He wanted to find the treasure located in the dungeon underneath the waterfall, planning to use the treasure to make himself a rich man.

His mother asked a passing adventurer to check on him, as he cannot swim.[1] Hudon promised to return home once he had found the treasure and demanded half of it if the adventurer found it before him, as payment for providing information. However, once the treasure has been retrieved, he remains on the waterfall, and claims the adventurer stole his treasure when spoken to.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Almera, "Waterfall Quest", RuneScape. "It's my son Hudon, he's always getting into trouble, the boy's convinced there's hidden treasure in the river and I'm worried about his safety, the poor lad can't even swim."