House Jovkai

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House Jovkai is a true-born vampyre house that originated on Vampyrium. Thousands of years before the Sixth Age, House Jovkai had fought with, and defeated, House Drakan. The then-lord of the house, Lord Jovkai, attempted to humiliate the Drakans for their loss.[1] Vanescula Drakan killed him for this and she cites this loss as inspiring her family to never lose another battle.[2]

The vyres of this house prefer to care for their food source, but secretly slaughter them behind closed doors. They prefer a bitersweet taste to their blood.[3]

Concept art of an unknown House Jovkai vampyre.

Known members[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Vanescula Drakan, "River of Blood", RuneScape. "We were weak. One loss was against Lord Jovkai... We invited him and his family to our camp to discuss reparations.. When he arrived, Lord Jovkai had brought his own banquet. He sat at the head of our table, and beckoned us to sit. Meals were placed in front of us. I looked around at my brothers. We ate without joy. I could eat nothing. Lord Jovkai watched us... He told us that this was it: this was to be our reparations. We would be strangers in our own home, dining from his scraps... Once the meal was finished, Lord Jovkai made me wash the plates, like some disobedient child."
  2. ^ Vanescula Drakan, "River of Blood", RuneScape. "So I washed Lord Jovkai's cup in slow poison. Every time he took a sip from that cup, he grew more ill... he died less than a year later... We did not lose another battle after that meal. There was a fire in all of us. We would never eat scraps again"
  3. ^ A Taste of Hope, written by Lowerniel Drakan, RuneScape. "They would treat their food with care and tenderness, allowing it to live among them feeling safe and cared for...before mercilessly slaughtering it behind closed doors. I was pleasantly surprised by the bloods from this region, a bittersweet taste with a lingering finish."