House Drakan outfit

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A player wearing the House Drakan outfit
The House Drakan outfit on a female player

The House Drakan outfit is a set of level 70 hybrid armour obtained during The Lord of Vampyrium quest. The set doubles as Darkmeyer disguise and as non-degradable hybrid armour. If parts of the set are lost, they can be obtained from Vanstrom's mansion in Darkmeyer from the crate in his room. However, a fee of 100,000 coins is required before you can reclaim it. The outfit can be stored in an armour case in a player-owned house.

The set consists of:

If lost in the Wilderness, 100,000 coins are dropped for the killer.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Hybrid Item
Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
House Drakan hood.pngHouse Drakan hood------196.6-----
House Drakan top.pngHouse Drakan top------226-----
House Drakan trousers.pngHouse Drakan trousers------216.2-----
House Drakan boots.pngHouse Drakan boots------49.1-----

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