Honeycomb (Player-owned farm)

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Honeycombs are items used at the player-owned farm to boost an animals stats. They can be made in beehives at the Manor Farm by depositing specific flowers into them. After flowers are added to the beehive, one honeycomb will be produced in approximately 30 minutes, consuming one of the flowers previously added to the hive.

When fed to livestock by using one directly on a farm animal in the pen, it will give an immediate boost to one of the animals stats, depending on the type of honeycomb. There are five different flowers that can be placed into the beehives, each creating a different type of honeycomb, and boosting a different animal stat among happiness, weight, health, speed and attractiveness.

Flower Honeycomb Stat boosted Boost amount
Marigolds.png: Inventory image of MarigoldsMarigolds Delicious honeycomb.png: Inventory image of Delicious honeycombDelicious honeycomb Happiness 10%
Rosemary.png: Inventory image of RosemaryRosemary Dense honeycomb.png: Inventory image of Dense honeycombDense honeycomb Weight 10%
Woad leaf.png: Inventory image of Woad leafWoad leaf Medicinal honeycomb.png: Inventory image of Medicinal honeycombMedicinal honeycomb Health 10%
Nasturtiums.png: Inventory image of NasturtiumsNasturtiums Runny honeycomb.png: Inventory image of Runny honeycombRunny honeycomb Speed 10 gallopers
Snape grass.png: Inventory image of Snape grassSnape grass Sweet honeycomb.png: Inventory image of Sweet honeycombSweet honeycomb Attractiveness 10 beauty marks