Holy symbol (Icthlarin's Little Helper)

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The Holy symbol is a quest item obtained from the Carpenter during the Icthlarin's Little Helper quest. The High Priest tells the player they need to obtain one from the carpenter for the ceremony in the burial pyramid to take place. The player needs to speak to the carpenter who needs some willow logs to carve it. After waiting for awhile, the carpenter puts the finishing touches to the symbol before handing it over. After the battle with the Possessed Priest at the end of the quest, the player comments that the symbol was useless as they had already started the ceremony without it. Although the High Priest refutes that the symbol is what finally put the former, deceased High Priest to rest and also helped greatly in defeating the Possessed priest and Amascut.

If a player loses the symbol, they may obtain another one by speaking to the carpenter again.

The item represents Icthlarin's god symbol, displayed to the left. The symbol is an ankh (☥), a symbol used by the Egyptians. The unholy symbol also used during the quest appears to be near identical, except it is inverted.

The symbol is immune to many forms of Magic, such as the Low Alchemy spells, with the message: "Some magical force blocks the alchemy spell."

While it is possible to obtain another holy symbol if the first is lost, it is not possible to simultaneously bear two Holy Symbols, as "I don't really need any one of these."

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