Holy Order of Paladins

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The Holy Order of Paladins, usually referred to as "Paladins", is a military force of Saradominist soldiers based in the Kandarin capital city of East Ardougne. The Paladins have existed for many years, although not much is known about them.

The Paladins are part of the Royal Army of Ardougne, one of the largest human militaries in Gielinor. Although surpassed by the city's "Heroes" in combat ability, the paladins are far more numerous, making them a deadly force in any situation.

There are four named Paladins currently in the game: Sir Carl, Sir Jerro, Sir Harry and Sir Hugo. The first three are a group of holy knights on a journey through the deadly, trap-infested Underground Pass encountered in a quest by the same name. When the player first comes through the dungeon, the paladins are hospitable and give what food they can spare. However, the player must kill and take their badges in order to pass through a door. The fact that they were able to make it so far through Iban's hellish lair indicates both that Paladins are more resourceful than seen in-game and that they have sent a great number of their order to investigate the dungeon for even three to reach their position with their amount of supplies.

As for Sir Hugo, the player must defeat him in Plague's End when attempting to oust King Lathas from the throne as he would come to the king's assistance as a bodyguard.

The Order is referred to as such only in the Tourist's Guide to Ardougne, found in the real-estate agency near the city of Ardougne's southern bank, close to The Poison Arrow pub.

According to the FunOrb game Armies of Gielinor, their order has been in existence since the Third Age, although the game's use of canon is questionable at times.