Hobgoblin Peninsula

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A view of the Hobgoblin Peninsula.

The Hobgoblin Peninsula is an area west of the Crafting Guild, on the western coast of the Kingdom of Asgarnia. The quickest way to get there is via the skills necklace teleport to the Crafting Guild, followed by Clan vexillum teleport to the Clan Camp.

It contains 10 Hobgoblins, all of which are level 30 except for one that is level 35. Players can safely range or mage them from the cow area beside it.

On members servers, there are 3 snape grass spawns, two near the north end and one at the south end. It is no longer popular to gather snape grass due to their low value, but this location may still be useful to Ironman Mode players.

There's also a pile of sand in it, with a "look" option. Players are able to use a bucket with the pile of sand on it to get a bucket of sand, material for glassblowing. When a bucket is used on the pile it becomes smaller, and when a second is used it disappears completely, respawning about 45 seconds later. It is not recommended to gather sand here, as sandpits offer unlimited sand.

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