Hob-da-Gob (game)

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Hob-da-Gob was a traditional game played by the Narogoshuun goblins on Yu'biusk. It consisted of two teams that took turns throwing a ball at the opposing team. Players struck by the ball were out. Playing the game increased the goblins' speed and strength.

Years later, Bandos summoned one of the champions of the Crucible arena at the Warforge After Bandos asked the champion about ways to improve the Crucible so goblins could become more effective in combat, the champion told him of Hob-da-Gob. Bandos approved of the game and announced that a Hob-da-Gob tournament would take place during the next Crucible. Bandos changed some of the game's rules to make it more dangerous, such as making it so that the ball used would be larger and heavier as well as bouncy. He also made it so a player struck by the ball would not be "out" unless they were literally knocked unconscious.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The description of Hob-da-Gob is similar to the real-life game of dodgeball.

References[edit | edit source]

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