Hired adventurer

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Carrying logChopping treeWalkingReinforcing boatMagic empowering

Hired adventurers are NPCs found in north-east portion of the Varrock Dig Site during Breaking the Storm event.

One can be found walking between an Enchanted Tree and the boat construction site, carrying logs from one to another, a second one found chopping the eastern tree, a third one found reinforcing the hull at the boat and a fourth using magic to empower wards west of the boat.

When the Enchanted Tree became verdant, the adventurer chopping it would say Everyone, get chopping! or Looks like the tree's perfect for chopping. When the tree became wilted, she would say It's starting to wilt! or The tree needs tending.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The adventurer reinforcing the hull of the boat occasionally yawns. He also wears the same outfit as the guards of Lumbridge Castle and wields a steel warhammer.