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Higher States can be obtained from excavating Aughra remains and Moksha device excavation hotspots at the Orthen Dig Site. This page is required to complete the Free Your Mind mystery.

Sources[edit | edit source]

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Kranon has been a great help in my grief, a good listener. I had always dismissed the Syrtes clergy, thinking their philosophising to be so much hot air, more so than their fire breath, though I have been a fan of their poetry for some time. We have often partaken of various substances together and talked away the night. His ideas make so much more sense to me here and now than the entire Syrtes did on our long journey here. I do not know how much of this to put down to my own state, but even his words ring true even when I am not intoxicated.

We kin believe in Skekslan, the unbroken wheel - us Aughra doubly so. Kranon has comforted me by reminding me of this, and that Varanus was a standout soul in life, and is revered in death. We may well see his like again. I am not so sure this is true, since I fear the destroyers not only ended our world and our universe, but also that cycle. My personal studies seem to confirm this fear, but it was still a small glimmer of hope for me.

The Aughra have always been a strong-willed creed. Some of us, myself included, have an innate ability to impose our will on weaker individuals, by use of subtle cues and commanding voices. Our time in the Abyss seems to have 'stretched' this ability, and since arriving here, I find I have been able to coerce even some of the more wilful kin, and sometimes when I sleep, I find my mind 'wandering'. My studies of the energies in this place led me to name this phenomenon astral projection. I see and hear things I am not physically present for. I confided this in my Aughra councillors. Maragan told me that other Aughra have been having similar experiences since arriving here and has encouraged me to move my studies into this new field. He also suggested to keep this new research secret, even from my team at the outpost. The other creeds are slower to understand and accept mutations like this. To this end, I have secretly constructed a ritual site beneath the surface of this island and requested for some of these other Aughra to form a new team.

-'Skeka', Aughra mystic

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