Het's Oasis Agility Course/Obstacles

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Image Name Image Name Image Name
Fallen palm tree 1.png »

Run across fallen palm tree

Fallen palm tree 2.png »

Run across fallen palm tree

Rope ladder.png »

Climb up rope ladder

Gap.png »

Jump over gap

Stone pillar.png »

Climb down stone pillar

Rock wall.png »

Walk across rock wall

Fallen palm tree 3.png »

Run across fallen palm tree

Small gap.png »

Hop over small gap

Medium gap.png »

Leap over medium gap

Fallen palm tree 4.png »

Run across fallen palm tree

Collapsed wall.png »

Jump across collapsed walls

Large rocks.png »

Climb up large rocks

Ledge.png »

Climb up ledge

Gap 2.png »

Jump over gap

Ledge 2.png »

Climb down ledge

Large rocks 2.png »

Climb down large rock