Heroes' Guild mine

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The Heroes' Guild mine is a mine located in the basement of the Heroes' Guild. Players must complete the Heroes' Quest to enter the guild. The Heroes' Guild is a short run south-east of the Burthorpe lodestone. It contains drakolith rocks and the Fountain of Heroes, which can be used to recharge amulets of glory. While the bank and furnace in Burthorpe are quite near by the Heroes' Guild, the time needed to run to the ladder, up the ladder, and to the Guild door may make a bank teleport more convenient, returning by Burthorpe lodestone.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before the Mining and Smithing rework this mine was notable because it contained two of only 11 Runite ore rocks found outside of the Wilderness which had three. World-hopping by runite miners made the rocks here usually depleted.