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Herman Caranos is the founder and director of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. He built the colony on a prime site for monkfish.[1] However, this also attracted the attention of sea trolls, who feed on monkfish, and caused them to attack.[2] In order to save the colony, he sought the aid of the Wise Old Man. During the quest Swan Song, the Wise Old Man and an adventurer repel the sea trolls and Herman lets them fish for monkfish as a reward.

Herman originally hailed from East Ardougne, along with his brother Franklin. While Herman is keen on fishing and runs the colony, Franklin is more adept at smithing and machinery, helping maintain the colony's walls. Herman values the residents of his colony, sending most of them away for their own safety during the monster attacks.[3]

He considers himself to be a meticulous researcher, using whatever texts he has at hand to inform himself before making choices.[4] However, his sources are sometimes questionable, such as embellished stories about adventurers.[5] He considers the Wise Old Man to be a great hero,[6] dismissing the Wise Old Man's criminal activities as a minor blemish[7] and seeking the elderly man's help even when players offer their services instead.[8] He is working on a book chronicling the Wise Old Man's life, which players can find in the desk drawer of Herman's office.

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References[edit | edit source]

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