Here is My Handle

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Here is My Handle is an achievement that requires the player to defeat The Sanctum Guardian in the Temple of Aminishi after being hit by her water spout 10 times.

The achievement counts each hit via raw damage, as opposed to times that the water spout was used and did damage per use. A quick method to get the achievement is to follow along the path of the spout on the north-west side while using Barricade with a tier 90 shield that has the Turtling 3 perk, which will protect the player from life point damage while registering successful hits. As it is soft typeless damage, Debilitate and Reflect can also work with a tier 90 shield, as it reduces the damage of the attack to roughly 1,000 per tick. This method can allow the player to meet the requirement in only a few usages of the water spout. The Sanctum Guardian must still be defeated once this requirement is met, though; using a fishy treat or deathtouched dart along with defeating her normally will allow the achievement to be completed.

This achievement can only be completed in normal mode.

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