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Herb protector detail.png

A herb protector is an item that can be used on a herb patch to ensure that there is no chance of the planted herb becoming diseased. The herb protector may be applied to a patch either before or after planting the herb, and can be applied whether the patch has been composted or not. The herb protector is not permanent and is consumed when the herb is fully grown.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Herb protector.png Herb protector
Invention-Make-X hourglass icon.pngMake-X GE icon.png
250 XP-?14,628
Invention Invention level96
Blueprint (Invention).png Research: Herb protector
P2P icon.png Members only
Plant cure.pngPlant cure11,0731,073
Organic parts.pngOrganic parts30492[r 1]14,760
Healthy components.pngHealthy components266,812[r 2]133,624
Total price149,457
  1. ^ Price based on the average cost per material of several items. See RS:Material prices § Organic parts for details.
  2. ^ Price based on the GE value of Carbon black as the cheapest price per component. See RS:Material prices § Healthy components for details.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • update 7 November 2022 (Update):
    • The contents of the patches will no longer die. Instead, the diseased patch will remain in this state until cured.