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For the player herb burner, see Deployable herb burner.

Herb burners can be found on Uncharted Isles when a player has a contract from Sojobo (contracts) to cleanse 4–11 herb burners. While the contract is active, herb burners and grimy herbs will appear on Uncharted Isles. The burners are marked with green taskmaster icons on the Minimap. The player needs to pick the herbs and then cleanse them at the burners. Cleansing a herb at a burner gives 70 Herblore experience, destroys the herb and renders the burner unusable.

The number of herbs and burners found on a single island isn't guaranteed to match, and visiting multiple islands is often required to satisfy the contract.

Despite the contract's description saying that the burners require cleansing, it is actually cleansing the herbs that progresses the task.

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