Hard mode strategies for Helwyr

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This article is a hard mode strategy guide for Helwyr.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page. For the normal mode strategy guide, see here.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

In challenge mode, Helwyr gains increased combat stats, a new ability and slight modifications to their normal abilities. He has 300,000 life points and a slightly more powerful autoattack.

  • Helwyr's Nature, lend me your aid! attack doubles the amount of mushrooms to 6 per spawn, and causes them to be focused around the player's position rather than being placed erratically around the chamber. The damage they deal is increased to ~450 per tick (0.6s). Similar to normal mode, the mushrooms slow the player down to walking speed, and if in their radius for too long, will bind the player. Be sure to use Anticipate before crossing over mushroom clouds or Freedom followed by Surge when stuck.
  • Helywr's YOU. WILL. BLEED! attack disables protection prayers/curses before impact and does 6,000-7,000 damage.
  • The bleed damage over time is doubled to 500 damage per hit.
  • Helwyr's frenzy damage is increased to around 3600 melee damage per hit.
  • The Cywir Alphas he summons have increased stats.
  • After summoning the Cywir Alphas, he will perform a "Mushroom Barrage" ability - all inactive mushrooms will rise up from the ground before exploding for 5,500-6,000 typeless damage each. When he first performs this attack, only the northern row of mushrooms remain in the ground, unless otherwise from his nature's aid attack. After the explosion, the row of mushrooms directly south of the previous set will be unaffected and can be safely stood in; this pattern continues until he reaches the southernmost row of mushrooms.
  • If Helwyr has summoned two sets of Cywir Alpha wolves already, the wolf-summon ability will be replaced with another YOU. WILL. BLEED! attack in its place.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

General strategy[edit | edit source]

Helwyr uses the following attack pattern:

  • Mushroom gas
  • Does 3 auto-attacks
  • Cleave
  • Does 3 auto-attacks
  • Frenzy
  • Does 3 auto-attacks
  • Wolves
  • Does 3 auto-attacks
  • Mushroom barrage
  • Does 1 auto-attack
  • Repeats above sequence

Note: Attempting to move the boss will often result in auto-attacks being skipped and abilities being used a little sooner. DO NOT KEEP RUNNING AWAY from Helwyr; like Vindicta (who also uses melee for the majority of the fight), Helwyr will skip auto-attacks and immediately go straight to abilities if he cannot reach his target.

Helwyr's challenge mode uses stronger versions of the mushroom gas, cleave, frenzy and wolves special attacks in normal mode. As such, methods used to deal with these attacks in normal mode can be adapted to challenge mode with some minor adjustments.

  • Use Anticipation before Helwyr shouts Nature, lend me your aid! to avoid being bound by the mushroom gas. It is preferred to walk out of the boundaries of the gas so that Helwyr does not skip auto-attacks, but Surge can be used as a last resort.
  • Use Resonance or Disruption Shield to block the cleave attack when Helwyr shouts YOU. WILL. BLEED!. Turn on Soul Split while protection prayers are disabled, but switch back to Deflect Melee as soon as it is available again. This assumes all Cywir Alphas to be cleared before. If that's not the case, use Bladed Dive, Escape or Surge to dodge the cleave attack, but be prepared for the frenzy attack coming early. A bleed stack will be inflicted, but it is needed to tank the bleed and save Freedom for the coming attack.
  • There is one dangerous scenario that can result in a quick death: a failed attempt to surge out of Helwyr's cleave attack. Protection prayers are disabled for 4 seconds, and Helwyr will skip auto-attacks to start the frenzy attack before Deflect Melee can be turned on again. It is a major reason for Resonance and Disruption Shield to be preferred over moving out of Helwyr's cleave attack, since the following auto-attacks give time for the player to react in case the block fails.
  • Use Devotion when Helwyr shouts You cannot escape me. Aaaargh! to negate all damage during the frenzy attack. If Devotion is in cooldown, use Debilitate with Reflect to minimise damage. Alternatively, move out of range of the frenzy attack, but expect auto-attacks to be skipped afterwards. When the frenzy attack ends, use Freedom to remove all the bleed stacks.
  • Kill the Cywir Alphas as soon as they spawn with a halberd type weapon or magic multi-targeting abilities, so that they do not snipe a Resonance or Disruption Shield later on.

The mushroom barrage is unique to challenge mode, and dealing with it properly requires some forward planning. Imagine the arena as a 5x5 checkerboard marked by the latent mushrooms. As soon as the mushroom gas attack happens, find a clear path from north to south, that is ideally a straight line. The path should not involve moving more than 1 square sideways at a time. In case many mushrooms block a specific row, a Bladed Dive can be used to move up to 2 squares sideways and 1 square forward. Once the path is found, the player should try to move towards the starting point of that path whenever an opportunity arises. Players with Double Surge can surge twice from the southernmost row to the north in time if disengaging Helwyr one auto-attack early, but players without it should at least be located at the middle row when the mushroom barrage is about to happen.

It is advised to move to the northern edge two auto-attacks after Helwyr summons the Cywir Alphas (possibly skipping the auto-attack right before mushroom barrage), to avoid being trapped in exploding mushrooms. Once the mushroom barrage starts, use the previously found path to reach the southern edge as different rows of mushrooms explode. Once reaching the bottom, immediately use Anticipation, since the mushroom gas attack will start soon after the final mushroom barrage ends.

Magic[edit | edit source]

Magic is a good option for the fight. It has access to Metamorphosis (damage boosting ultimate without downside), multi-targeting abilities like Dragon Breath and Corruption Blast (for clearing Cywir Alphas), as well as the ability to damage Helwyr during mushroom barrage.

Turn-off auto-retaliate. Use Combust, Dragon Breath, and Metamorphosis as much as possible the fight. Drink Enhanced Replenishment Potion right after using Metamorphosis. Activate Limitless soon after to fire 2-3 Magic thresholds in that 6-second duration of Limitless.

  • 1. Stand in the southwest corner, right when he spawns, Deflect Melee and Anticipate, after his Nature's Aid special, Surge to northeast corner. While heading northeast, maintain safe distance from his specials while attacking him.
  • 2. At the northeast corner, when he spawns Cywir Alphas, switch to Soul Split. When the Mushroom Barrage starts, immediately run south right after the mushroom explodes. Attack Helwyr once. Run south. Repeat until in southeast corner. Right after stepping into the southernmost row, Deflect Melee and Anticipate, and wait for him to use Nature's Aid before you Surge to the northwest corner.
  • 3. At the northwest corner, when he spawns Cywir Alphas, switch to Soul Split. When the Mushroom Barrage starts, immediately run south right after the mushroom explodes. Attack Helwyr once. Run south. Repeat until in southwest corner. Right after stepping into the southernmost row, Deflect Melee and Anticipate, and wait for him to use Nature's Aid before you Surge to the northeast corner.

Should the player be stuck in the southern end or he uses his nature's aid attack at the same time as his mushroom barrage, teleport out as you will not survive combination of the two specials.

As soon as your rhythm/rotation is disrupted, immediately teleport out, as you will likely be killed by the ensuing special attacks.

Melee[edit | edit source]

Despite the addition of mushroom barrage, melee is still a strong option for fighting Helwyr in challenge mode. The use of melee can make sure Helwyr is normally within melee distance and not skipping auto-attacks; Scrimshaw of vampyrism can ease the strain on health by providing passive healing; access to halberd type weapons and armour spikes makes clearing Cywir Alphas easy; melee basic and threshold abilities usually have higher damage output than their ranged and mage counterparts, and the damage output can only be outmatched by Metamorphosis.

It is suggested to bring dual-wielding melee weapons (for single-target damage), a halberd switch (for killing Cywir Alphas), as well as a defender switch (for Resonance and Reflect as backup responses) to the fight. A typical melee rotation for a cycle of Helwyr's attack rotation is as follows:

  1. Start with dual-wielding melee weapons and 100% adrenaline. Activate all boosts and prayers before entering the instance. Deflect Melee and Turmoil are the preset curses. Once inside, use "Quick traverse" to enter the arena, Surge diagonally to the middle of the arena, and use Anticipation.
  2. Helwyr uses the mushroom gas ability. Walk out of the gas if caught in one. Once outside, switch to Ring of Vigour, use Berserk, drink a dose of Replenishment potion, and build up adrenaline.
  3. When Helwyr shouts YOU. WILL. BLEED!, use Disruption Shield to block the cleave, and use Destroy and Assault before Berserk expires. Soul Split can be used while protection prayers are disabled, but Deflect Melee is switched back on when it is available again. Build to 50% adrenaline before the next special attack.
  4. When Helwyr shouts You cannot escape me. Aaaargh!, use Devotion to negate the frenzy damage, and use Greater Flurry or Blood Tendrils for damage. After the last frenzy attack, use Freedom to clear the bleed. Switch to the halberd weapon as Helwyr is about to summon Cywir Alphas.
  5. After the Cywir Alphas appear, wait for them to enter melee distance, then use Hurricane and Quake to kill them both. Use Slaughter before surging to the northern edge to prepare for the mushroom barrage.
  6. As rows of mushrooms explode, switch back to dual-wielding and prioritise safe passage to the south, though a couple of hits on Helwyr may be possible. As soon as the southernmost row is reached, use Anticipation and then deal with the mushroom gas attack.
  7. From the second cycle onwards, it's unlikely to have enough adrenaline for another Berserk, so use the best threshold abilities like Assault, Destroy and Greater Flurry instead. It should be noted that Destroy and Hurricane share a cooldown, so Destroy should be used right after the YOU. WILL. BLEED! cleave attack by the latest.