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This help page is currently under construction.
The information contained within should not be considered fully accurate and/or complete.
Information icon.svg This guide is written for use with the Source Mode editor.
If you have not already switched to the Source Mode editor you can find out how to here.

This page is designed to help newer editors further understand the source mode toolbar. Each section will explain what each icon does and what it can be used for.

Font Types[edit source]

The toolbar offers two font types. Bold and Italic. To bold or italicize a word, simply highlight it then click either SM basics - bold button.png button or SM basics - italics button.png depending on what you want to do. This will put either '''example text''' or ''example text'' around the targeted area. Two apostrophies are used for italicizing while three are used to bold.

Linking[edit source]

Links are used to direct others to certain webpages. For both pages within this wiki and external pages, users may use the link button, which looks like this SM basics - internal link button.png. To link to a page, users must find and copy the URL (for external) or simply state the pagename (internal), highlight it and then click the appropriate button. Please note that the full URL is required, not simply "" but rather "" (example). Also, some interior links are case sensitive. Users must also note that linking to inappropriate or sex/drug related pages is not tollerated.

Images[edit source]

To add an image to a page, users must simply link to the filepage. Using the toolbar will make this easier for newer users. Users must only type the name of the image (case sensitive) and it's filetype (.png or .jpg, although Jpg isn't prefered for ingame screenshots). For example, to link to an image called bob.png, one must simply type bob.png then click the image button ([image]). This will create [[File:bob.png]]. The brackets are used in all links (2 for internal, 1 for external) and when a users saves or clicks the show preview button, the image will appear.

Reference[edit source]

Syntax highlighting[edit source]

Syntax highlighting can be toggled using the button which looks like this.

Advanced[edit source]

Click Advanced to toggle the advanced options.

Headings[edit source]

Headings indicate that a reader has reached the next section in an article and they are used to identify parts of an article, making it easier to find information. There are 6 different types of headings, each smaller than the one before it. However, using the heading button ([image]) will create the second largest heading (also the most common). Users must only type in what they want the name of the section to be on a new line, highlight it and then press the button. This will put two equal signs around the text. When viewing the article, it will show as a heading. However, the text following the heading must be typed on a new line.

Lists[edit source]

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Font size and positioning[edit source]

Big, small, sup, sub.

Gallery[edit source]

Redirect[edit source]

Table[edit source]