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The namespace "Special:" consists of "special pages". These have no corresponding wikitext; they are created by the software on demand. They are useful to see things going on in the wiki or looking at the wiki's statistics. This page is probably more useful for experienced users, though new users may also find it beneficial.

Special pages for all users[edit source]

All of the below linked Special pages produce content particular to this wiki.

Special pages
Special:Specialpages : A list of all special pages for all users.
Recent changes
Special:Recentchanges : The latest edits in the project.
Upload file
Special:Upload : Upload a file to the wiki.
Image list
Special:Imagelist : List of images uploaded that can be sorted by size or date
New images
Special:Newimages : Gallery of new files.
User list
Special:Listusers : A list of all registered users.
Admins list
Special:Listadmins : A list of all administrators; an automatic list is at Special:Listusers/Sysop.
Special:Statistics : Total number of pages, images, and users.
Random page
Special:Randompage : Redirects to a random page from the main namespace which is not a redirect. Other namespaces can be specified as a parameter, eg: Special:Randompage/Talk.
Orphaned pages
Special:Lonelypages : Articles with no links to them in the wiki.
Uncategorised pages
Special:Uncategorizedpages : Pages without category tags. This page refreshes once or twice a day, so if you placed a category on a page without one, you will still see it listed on this page for awhile.
Unused images
Wanted pages
Special:Wantedpages : Articles which have been requested / most wanted, specifically those that have at least 2 incoming links, but do not exist.
Short pages
Special:Shortpages : Pages in the main namespace, with size of the wikitext (excluding any templates used) in bytes, in order of increasing size.
Long pages
Special:Longpages : Pages in the main namespace, with size in bytes, in order of decreasing size.
New pages
Special:Newpages : Newest pages with creation date and time, current size, user who created the page, and first edit summary, in reverse order of creation.
Oldest pages
Special:Ancientpages : Pages in the main namespace, with date and time of last edit, in order of last edit.
Dead-end pages
Special:Deadendpages : Pages that do not link to any other articles.
Double redirects
Broken redirects
What links here
Most categories
Special:Mostcategories : Articles with the most categories.
Most revisions
Special:Mostrevisions : Articles with the most revisions (edits).
All pages
Special:Allpages : All pages in a specified namespace in alphabetical order, including redirects (italicised).
All system messages
Special:Allmessages : Displays all pages in the MediaWiki namespace.
Pages starting with a given prefix
Special:Prefixindex; if the last character of the prefix is a space or underscore it is ignored. One of many important applications is to find subpages with "fullpagename/".
Find external links
List of blocked IP addresses and usernames
Special:Ipblocklist : Currently blocked IPs and usernames.
Book sources
Special:Booksources : ISBN Book Sources.
Special:Categories : Lists all the categories in the wiki.
Uncategorised categories
Export pages
Special:Export : Produces an XML file containing the wikitext and metadata of either the current version only, or all revisions, of one or more pages, specified in the form of a list; the XML file is in the format required for Special:Import; exporting is typically done either in preparation of applying the latter at another MediaWiki project, or for searching within old page revisions.
Special:Version : Shows the version of the MediaWiki software the wiki is currently running, and a listing of extensions installed.
Special:Captcha : On projects supporting this [[mediazilla:4845|feature]].
Confirm your email address
My preferences
Special:Preferences : Select preferences to customize the appearance and behaviour of the software. See Help:Preferences.
My watchlist
Special:Watchlist : Show the pages you are watching.
My page
Special:Mypage : Link to the user page of the user who follows it.
My talk page
Special:Mytalk : Link to the talk page of the user who follows it.
Edit count
Special:Userlogin : Creates new login cookie.
Special:Userlogout : Destroys cookie.

Restricted special pages[edit source]

Block user
Special:Blockip : Sysop only. Used to block or unblock users, IPs and ranges of IPs.
Import pages
Special:Import : Sysop only. Imports the wikitext and metadata of one or more revisions of one or more pages by uploading an XML file in the format produced by Special:Export (typically after applying the latter at another MediaWiki project).
Unwatched pages
Special:Unwatchedpages : Sysop only. Shows pages not watched by any user.
Restore deleted page
Special:Undelete : Sysop only. View deleted pages.

Logs[edit source]

Special:Log - Combined display of various logs. You can narrow down the view by:

  • Selecting a log type, including:
  • entering the full name without prefix of the acting user (usual case-sensitivity)
  • entering the full name of the affected page (usual case-sensitivity, e.g. "Image:Map South Holland.png"), or the full name including prefix of the affected user (in the case of blocking, setting user rights, setting bot status, and user creation) or without prefix (in the case of renaming a user)

It does not seem possible to search by editor for edits of deleted pages. They can only be seen by a sysop with Special:Undelete if the exact page name is known.

There are no logs available on the site for:

  • adding or removing a page from a user's list of page to watch (the user can only view the current state)
  • change of preferences of a user (ditto)
  • viewing a page
  • editing and previewing a page without saving
  • applying Special:Export
  • unfinished operations (e.g. an attempted page move)

Miscellaneous[edit source]

  • Special pages requiring a target page may give an error message if the target is not supplied:

or prompt for the target if it was not supplied yet; with target the link is e.g.

  • Special pages requiring a target user:
  • Special page allowing a starting page:
Special:Allpages/Template (Standard prefixes are ignored, compare Special:Allpages/Template:C)
In some cases the full URL has to be given, like an external link, for example (last 10 changes).
{{Special:Newpages/5}} gives 5 new pages: