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Notifications contain alerts about actions on the wiki that affect you. These can be changed in your user preferences in the Notifications tab. Notifications can be received on the web are displayed via the bell (alerts) and inbox (notices) icon in the top right of the page. Email notifications are delivered to the email listed in your preferences and come from Alerts are anytime you are mentioned on the wiki, someone writes on your talk page or administrative type changes to yoour account (permissions changed, login from new device, 2FA activation etc) while notices covers everything else.

All of your notifications can also be viewed on Special:Notifications.

Email options[edit source]

Choose the frequency of emails:

  • Do not send me any email notifications
  • Individual notifications as they come in
  • A daily summary of notifications
  • A weekly summary of notifications

Change the email address notifications are sent to (this also changes the email address associated with the wiki account).

Email format (HTML or Plain Text).

Notification Events[edit source]

For each of the following you can choose to receive email and/or web notifications (or neither).

Name Description
Talk page message Notify me when someone posts a message or replies on my talk page
Thanks Notify me when someone thanks me for an edit I made.
Mention Notify me when someone links to my user page
Page link Notify me when someone links to a page I created from another page.
Failed login attempts Notify me when there have been failed attempts to log in to my account.
Login from an unfamiliar device Notify me whenever somebody logs into my account from an unfamiliar device and IP address.
User rights change Notify me when someone changes my user rights.
Edit revert Notify me when someone reverts an edit I made, by using the undo or rollback tool.
Email from other user Notify me when someone sends me an email.

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