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Navboxes are templates found at the bottom of most pages, that link to other pages about similar topics and are often used to add categories. Generally the navbox has a topic, such as a skill, quest, region, etc. and contains all the pages related to that topic. Navboxes are created as templates which simply contain an instance of the {{Navbox}} template. For example the navbox shown below is {{Smouldering Lamps}} (which adds the Category:Smouldering Lamps) and contains the following code:

|name = Smouldering Lamps
|title = [[Smouldering Lamps]]
|style1 = text-align:center
|group1 =
 * {{plink|Small smouldering lamp|txt=Small}}
 * {{plink|Medium smouldering lamp|txt=Medium}}
 * {{plink|Large smouldering lamp|txt=Large}}
 * {{plink|Huge smouldering lamp|txt=Huge}}
}}{{Ctg|Smouldering Lamps}}{{Template only|[[Category:Treasure Hunter templates]][[Category:Experience lamps templates]]}}

For more information on creating new navboxes or how to edit them please see the template documentation for the navbox template as well as the style guide found here. To make navboxes easy to edit, the documentation page (Template:Navbox/doc) is also displayed as the doc page for any template that uses the {{Navbox}} template. The template also adds the Category:Navigational templates to the templates themselves.

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