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Namespaces are the basic grouping system for pages on the wiki. Generally the namespace describes the base purpose of the page, for example articles about things in RuneScape (quests, achievements, items, monsters etc are in the main (no prefix) namespace.

Primary RuneScape Wiki namespaces[edit source]

For a complete list use this api query.

Forum[edit source]

The Forum: namespace is used for RuneScape:Yew Grove discussion pages.

Exchange[edit source]

The Exchange: namespace is used for articles listing the current average market item prices on the Grand Exchange Market Watch. For an example, see here.

Update[edit source]

The Update: namespace is for pages used on Template:Updates. They are also an archive of almost every update Jagex released. For an example, see here.

Data[edit source]

The Data: namespace is used for RuneScape:Charm logs pages to keep track of charm drops and other data gathering projects. For an example, see here. Namespace was formerly called "Charm"

Calculator[edit source]

The Calculator: namespace is used for Calculators to determine cost and experience based on current average market item prices on the Grand Exchange Market Watch. For an example, see here.

Map[edit source]

The Map: namespace is used for image maps. For an example, see here.

Transcript[edit source]

The Transcript: namespace is used for transcripts from within the game. For an example, see here.

Module[edit source]

The Module: namespace is used to house code for modules written in Lua (Wikipedia entry). For an examples, see here.

Complete list[edit source]

Namespace IDs
Namespace Article ID Talk ID
Media -2 N/A
Special -1 N/A
(main) 0 1
User 2 3
RuneScape 4 5
File 6 7
MediaWiki 8 9
Template 10 11
Help 12 13
Category 14 15
Update 100 101
Forum 110 111
Exchange 112 113
Data 114 115
Calculator 116 117
Map 118 119
Transcript 120 121
Property 302 303
Concept 308 309
smw/schema 312 313
Rule 314 315
TimedText 710 711
Module 828 829
Gadget 2300 2301
Gadget definition 2302 2303
Beta 3002 3003