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Interlanguage links (also called interwiki links) are links from a page in one wiki language to an equivalent page in another language or for another game version. This can also be used to link to other (external) wikis within page text (used extensively on help pages). These links can appear in three places:

  • As tabs at the top of the page (used to link between os, classic and rs3 wikis)
  • As links in the "Languages" section of the page's left sidebar (used to link between languages)
  • As inline links in the text of the article

These three types of links are created and handled differently.

Tabs at the top[edit source]

Tabs at the top are added by using the {{External}} template at the top of the page.

{{External|os=OSRSW page|rsc=RSCW page}}

If the page name on the other wiki is the same as on this wiki, use these as unnamed parameters:

  • To add a link to the Old School RuneScape Wiki, use os (Forum:Affiliate with 2007)
  • To add a link to the RuneScape Classic Wiki, use rsc

If the page name on the other wiki is not the same as the page name on this wiki, use the above as named parameters, with the value being the correct name. These methods can be mixed. The order does not matter - the output order is always OSRS-RSC.

The links are moved to the top using the Gadget-topIcons (js and css).

Links in the sidebar[edit source]

Links under the "Other languages" section in the left sidebar of the page are used to link to articles in different languages (currently only Portuguese for RS3) about the same entity and game version. The general syntax is [[language code:Title]].

Supported languages (10:44, 28 September 2020 (UTC)):

Code Language
pt  Portuguese

To add this link simply add a link with the prefix pt at the top of the page on its own line. For example [[pt:Duendes]] creates the link on the Goblin page.

Links in page text[edit source]

Links within page text are created as any other internal link would be but use a (interwiki) prefix. A full list of these prefixes is available on the Special:Interwiki page. The general syntax is [[interwiki code:Title]].

Prefix Wiki Example
classicrsw RuneScape Classic wiki [[classicrsw:Goblin|Classic wiki page]] Classic wiki page
osrsw Old School RuneScape wiki [[osrsw:Goblin|Old School wiki page]] Old School wiki page
ptrsw Portuguese RuneScape wiki [[:ptrsw:Duendes|Portuguese wiki page]] Portuguese wiki page*
meta Meta (Weird Gloop) wiki [[meta:Weird Gloop Board|Meta wiki board page]] Meta wiki board page
wg Weird Gloop site [[wg:index.html|Weird Gloop homepage]] Weird Gloop homepage
mw MediaWiki wiki [[mw:Manual:Interwiki|Interwiki manual]] Interwiki manual
wikipedia  Wikipedia [[wikipedia:Help:Interlanguage links|Interlanguage help on wikipedia]] Interlanguage help on wikipedia
wiktionary Wiktionary [[wiktionary:MMORPG|MMORPG definition]] MMORPG definition

* Note the use of a leading colon (:) in the case of ptrsw to prevent the link jumping to the sidebar.

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