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RS News adds an interface which can be accessed through the megaphone icon at the top right of the wiki which displays relevant RuneScape news from across multiple platforms; Twitter, Reddit, the RuneScape website, Discord, the wikis and other sources.

If we are missing something you think we should add, feel free to mention it on the discussion page or contact us on the RuneScape Wiki Discord server.


Curation of the feed is managed using the #social-feed channel on the RuneScape Wiki server by those with the social curator role. The feed is curated by trusted members of the community, who are currently given the role at the discretion of admins.


If you are a feed curator, you can use the following commands in the curator channel:

  • !add [rsw/osw] <url> [expiryISODate] - Add a new item to the feed
  • !get <id> - Get info on an existing item in the feed
  • !edit <id> [title|author|excerpt] <value> - Manually edit an existing item in the feed
  • !delete <id> - Removes an existing item from the feed
  • !purge - Purges the Cloudflare cache for the feed

Current curators