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Appearance of the events drop-down (light mode)

The Events Gadget adds a drop-down to the gameclock that displays the next start times for dailies, the current Voice of Seren and many other rotation or time based events. It can also be configured to send reminders (wiki page overlays or browser notifications) for starting times, VoS etc. Mousing over times (or the in 1 minute type text) will show the exact date and time. The 3 letter abbreviations in the VoS section are the cardinal directs (NNW = North North West) of the clan district, and mousing over them shows the full text.

To report bugs or make suggestions visit the discussion page.

Options/Settings[edit source]

Appearance of the options menu (light mode)

The options menu is accessed via the gear icon on the top right of the window. Display of the Prifdinnas raven, Events team events, Spotlights (minigame, D&D, ED), Traveling merchant stock, Player-owned farm resets, PvM rotations and the next rotations can all be toggled in this menu. Additionally the sorting for the Dailies section can be changed (by time or alphabetical), and notifications can be turned on or off. The last button (Refresh) can be used to force a refresh of traveling merchant stock (which is normally refreshed once a day and cached locally).

Notifications[edit source]

Appearance of the notifications menu (light mode)

Nofications settings are accessed via the gear adjacent to the Browser Notifications toggle in the options menu. The first toggle turns browser notifications on and off (if browser notifications are turned off, but notifcations are turned on, notifications appear as a popup over the top right of the wiki. This option is set to true and disabled if your browser does not support notifications. Note that on-site notifications will close themselves

Appearance of the on site notifications (light mode)

Individual notifications can be toggled individually and for VoS and Dailies, you can choose to receive notifications for all, none or only some of them.

Clicking a browser notification should open the browser to a RuneScape wiki tab, and open the events drop-down. Note that regardless of your settings, you will only receive browser notifications if your browser has at least 1 tab open to the wiki!