Help:Editing/Taking images/Entity graphics settings

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Setting Preset Setting Preset
Brightness Default Remove Roofs N/A
Draw Distance N/A Shadow Quality N/A
VSync N/A Anti-Aliasing Mode FXAA+MSAA
Anti-Aliasing Quality Ultra Water detail N/A
Lighting Detail Ultra Ambient Occlusion Off
Bloom Off or On[notes 1] Textures Uncompressed
Anisotropic Filtering N/A Volumetric Lighting N/A
Foreground FPS N/A Background FPS N/A
Interface Scaling N/A Game Render Scaling 100% or 200%[notes 2]
Shadows Off Custom Cursors N/A
Loading Screens N/A Ground Decoration Off
Terrain Blending On Depth of Field Off
Smooth Camera Fade Off Tree Canopy Fade Off
Mouse-over Entity Highlights N/A
  1. ^ If the entity looks abnormal or has an unnatural light with bloom on, lower this setting or turn it off.
  2. ^ If the entity has particles, this setting should be 200%.