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Before you can start taking and uploading images you will need to make a wiki account: logged out users cannot upload files to the wiki.

Compass options.png

Many of the images used on the wiki are captured in-game using the Freecam:

Orb of oculus interface.png
  • Set your graphics settings according to the type of image you want to take using the table below.
  • Right click the compass icon and select freecam.
  • Use its controls, which will be shown in the "Help Window", to zoom in on and get a good angle of the content which you wish to capture.
    • See existing images of similar content for a guide on what angle should be used.
  • When you are happy, simply printscreen and save the image.

Entity graphics settings[edit source]

Use these graphics settings when taking NPC, scenery, detailed item, equipped item or override images. N/A indicates an irrelevant setting.

Setting Preset Setting Preset
Brightness Default Remove Roofs N/A
Draw Distance N/A Shadow Quality N/A
VSync N/A Anti-Aliasing Mode FXAA+MSAA
Anti-Aliasing Quality Ultra Water detail N/A
Lighting Detail Ultra Ambient Occlusion Off
Bloom Off or On[notes 1] Textures Uncompressed
Anisotropic Filtering N/A Volumetric Lighting N/A
Foreground FPS N/A Background FPS N/A
Interface Scaling N/A Game Render Scaling 100% or 200%[notes 2]
Shadows Off Custom Cursors N/A
Loading Screens N/A Ground Decoration Off
Terrain Blending On Depth of Field Off
Smooth Camera Fade Off Tree Canopy Fade Off
Mouse-over Entity Highlights N/A
  1. ^ If the entity looks abnormal or has an unnatural light with bloom on, lower this setting or turn it off.
  2. ^ If the entity has particles, this setting should be 200%.

Skybox and filters[edit source]

The active skybox should be "Midday" and there should be no filters active. The interface may sometimes show the wrong skybox as active, so this process should be followed every time one logs in or an area with a different skybox is visited, such as a player-owned house, whose default skybox can be mistaken for the Midday skybox.

1. Right-click the world map icon (World map icon.png) in the minimap and select "Skybox/Filters".

Minimap interface.png World map options.png

2. In the Skybox tab, select "Midday".

Skybox and filters skybox options.png

3. In the Filter tab, select "Clear filter". In the Advanced tab, click "Load default data". Unless you've played around with these settings before, you won't need to touch anything in these tabs.

Skybox and filters filter options.png Skybox and filters advanced options.png

Create a greenscreen[edit source]

This process only works for detailed items, equipped items and pets, since they can be brought into The White Hole, unlike scenery or non-pet NPCs.

This requires partial completion of Gower Quest. Completion is recommended to access The White Hole from any bank.

  1. Enter The White Hole using a Disk of returning (Gower Quest).
  2. Follow the three steps in the section above. Even if all the Advanced tab values are 0, you still need to click "Load default data", since we will be using those values later.
  3. In the Skybox tab, select "Clear skybox".
  4. In the Advanced tab, in Fog colour R, click the number and enter 0.
  5. In Fog colour B, click the number and enter 0. The area should now be surrounded in green.

To summarise, fog colours should be: R = 0; G = 177; B = 0. These colours affect the lighting of the scene, so it's important to use these values. For example, setting fog colour G to 255 will make lighting darker.

If taking an equipped image, remember to face the appropriate direction for the best lighting (e.g.: south if taking an image of an outfit, north if taking an image of a cape, etc.). Make sure there's only you in the image, not Thordur or other scenery.

How to take different types of images[edit source]

Type of image Example How to set graphics settings
Locations Varrock.png Use highest graphics settings you can

Anti-aliasing mode: FXAA+MSAA or MSAA; Anti-aliasing Quality: ultra

Bank chest.png
See #Entity graphics settings
Banker (Grand Exchange, male).png
See #Entity graphics settings
Equipped item
Abyssal wand equipped.png
See #Entity graphics settings
Only the subject item(s) should be equipped: remove all other items and cosmetic overrides. Multiple items should only be worn when taking set images of armour (weapons and shields should have separate images).
Use EoC combat mode for consistent character stance.
For items with particles or which are translucent it is useful to take the image in a uniformly coloured area such as POH with greenscreen or cosmic altar.
Detailed item image (DII)
Abyssal wand detail.png
See #Entity graphics settings
See below for techniques for taking high quality DIIs
Inventory icon
Take the image in the bank or backpack interface.
The black border (RGB 0,0,2) should be preserved, however the shadow (RGB 0,0,1) should be removed.

Detailed item image[edit source]

For items that can be dropped an image should be captured using an orb of oculus. Drop the item on the ground and use the right-click option "Selfie" on the orb and then quickly right click the orb and hover over the right-click interface. Then after you enter the selfie camera click on the "Gaze into" option. Your camera will now glitch into the floor and it will have it's collision completely removed. You can then use the controls displayed in the orb's interface to navigate towards your dropped item and angle it to take a good image of the item.

For items which cannot be dropped but can be equipped on the main or off-hand slot (eg. augmented items), you can use the Revenant walk animation to make them float in the air and then use the orb of oculus/freecam to take the image.

For items which are destroyed rather than dropped, you can use the item on Maemi who is found in Draynor Manor after completing Ernest the Chicken. This will show an image of the item in the chatbox which can be screenshotted.

Editing your image[edit source]

Once you have saved your image you should consider editing it to remove the background (add transparency): there is a guide on how to do this here.

It is not mandatory to do this: if you do not wish to add transparency simply crop the image and it is ready to be uploaded.

Upload[edit source]

A file already exists[edit source]

Replace the file with a new version

If there is an existing file you should upload a new version of this rather than creating a new file.

  • Find a page which uses the image that you want to replace. Click on the image.
  • Scroll down to the "Upload a new version of this file" option (under File History).
  • If you did not already add transparency to the image, add {{trans}} in the edit summary to add the image to Category:Images needing transparency or {{transl}} if the the image needs translucency - see the transparency guide for examples of the types images which need transparency/translucency applied.

A new file[edit source]

If there is no previous file to upload over you should create a new file.

  • Select "Upload file" from the sidebar.
  • Choose the file you want to upload.
  • Ensure an appropriate file name is entered into the "Filename" field .
    • Our Image policy contains standards for how to name different kinds of file here.
    • File extensions should be lower case, e.g. .png rather than .PNG.
  • The summary box can use used to:
    • Add {{trans}} in the edit summary to add the image to Category:Images needing transparency or {{transl}} if the the image needs translucency - see the transparency guide for examples of the types images which need transparency/translucency applied.
    • Add a license, use the table below to find the correct one for the image you are uploading.

License name Use
{{Chathead license|Name of character|type=type of chathead}} Any chatheads
Use type to specify player, override, npc, pet, or familiar
{{Cosmetic override license|Name of item}} Cosmetic overrides
{{Worn equipment license|Item name}} Worn equipment
{{Detailed item license|Item name}} Detailed item images
{{Inventory license|Item name}} Inventory icons
{{Monster license|Monster name}} Monsters
{{NPC license|NPC name}} Non-attackable non-player characters
{{Interface license|Interface name}} Interfaces

For a full list of licenses check here.

  • Images will not be automatically added to relevant pages: you must edit articles to add links to the image.
    • See here for how to do this using the default editor.
    • See here for how to do this if you have switched to Source mode editor.

If you are uploading several new images it may be useful to use the batch upload tool, which lets you upload multiple images at once, and apply the appropriate templates etc to them.

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