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Making a wiki account is highly recommended. Having an account will make you more recognisable to other editors, and you will be able to create a profile and pages for your own use in your user space. Even if you do not edit the wiki, being logged into an account will allow you to customise your wiki browsing. You can create an account by clicking the Create account or Log in buttons at the top of the page. On the login page, select Join the RuneScape Wiki and follow the instructions to make your account.

Preferences[edit source]

User page - my preferences.png

Once you have created and signed into your account you can change your preferences by clicking the now visible Preferences button at the top of the page.

Notable settings:

  • User profile > Basic information - add some information about yourself
  • User profile > Signature - set a custom signature.
  • User profile > Email options - can enter your email address and set when you receive emails about the wiki.
  • Editing > Editor - can uncheck "enable the visual editor" to access Source editor for more in-depth editing.

User pages[edit source]

A default user page

All editors' accounts have an associated user page which can be found at User:<account name>. If you have created an account and made at least one edit to the wiki your user page will be created automatically. You can view your own user page by clicking your account name in the top right of your screen. From here you can edit and save changes to your user page using the edit button.

You can use this space to describe yourself and your RuneScape characters or to help yourself with wiki editing, for example to make note of things you wish to do on the wiki. All information of this nature should be put on user pages rather than regular wiki articles, which are located in the main space. See the link above for detailed help about formatting your user page.

You may create additional user pages as subsections of your main user page. To do this add the prefix User:<your account name>/<new page name> when creating a new page. For example User:AnAccount/Sandbox would create the user a blank sandbox page: sandboxes are used to work on new content before it is ready to be added to articles in the main space of the wiki.

Signatures[edit source]

All editors' accounts can create custom signatures which can be used to sign posts instead of the default: SampleUser 09:18, November 29 2022 (UTC)

For more information on creating a custom signature see Help:Customising your signature, and for the policy see RuneScape:Signatures.

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