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Automatic edit summaries are created when certain actions are performed and an alternate summary is not provided. These summaries will be saved in the page histories indefinitely and may not be altered.

Automatic edit summaries appear when:

  • Blanking a page
  • Replacing most of a page
  • Creating a new page
  • Redirecting a page
  • Undoing or reverting an edit

Furthermore, when editing a specific section of a page or creating a new section, the section title will appear in the edit summary unless you choose to remove it.

Default summaries gadget[edit source]

The Default summaries gadget can be enabled in your user preferences, it provides quick edit summaries in dropdown menus. In addition it provides a checkbox to autofill edit summaries with the last summary used, which is extremely useful when making many related edits, such as when working on update history.

The following edit summaries are provided in the dropdown menus:

Minor edits:

  • Fixed spelling
  • Fixed layout
  • Revert vandalism
  • Reworded
  • Remove policy violation

Article edits:

  • Last edit summary
  • Expanding
  • Adding refs
  • Adding cats
  • Adding links
  • Rework
  • Clean up

Talk/Forum edits:

  • Last edit summary
  • Reply
  • Comment
  • Support
  • Oppose