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The Wiki contains many audio files in various formats. This help page will attempt to help you with problems you may be experiencing when trying to record, edit, upload, add or play audio.

Uploading audio files[edit source]

RuneScape Wiki accepts 2 audio formats: Ogg Vorbis (with an .ogg extension) and MIDI (with a .mid extension). Uploading audio files is just like uploading normal picture files, using the upload form. The maximum file size is 10MB, although with large audio files, it may exceed this. In that case, the file needs to either be cropped or the quality reduced (make sure it is not reduced too much). The file can be recorded and edited in an audio editing software such as Audacity.

Adding audio files[edit source]

Adding audio files to articles is simple, due to various templates on the wiki. To add an audio file to an article, add Template:Listen to it. There are four/five fields to fill out:

| title     = title
| desc      = description
| format    = ogg/mid/mp3
| filename  = filename of the audio (spaces should be included as "_")
| align     = alignment (left/right; default is right)
Audio options icon.png
Quest completion
Plays after a quest is completed.

If done correctly, a MIDI player should appear similar to the one on the right.

When adding an audio file to a music track article, it should instead be included in the infobox template using the file parameter:

| file           = Name of audio file (eg. Quest_completed.mid)(optional)

To create a link to an audio file, just put the file in square brackets: [[File:Quest_completed.mid]].

Playing audio files[edit source]

OGG[edit source]

Audio options icon.png
Air Guitar
Plays when the emote is performed.

The wiki has a plugin built in that allows ogg files to be played without the use of downloaded software. If the software works on your computer, you should see a player to the right.

MIDI[edit source]

As of yet, there is no built-in software on the wiki which plays MIDI files. In most browsers, an extra plugin is needed, such as the QuickTime multimedia player. To check that QuickTime is being used to play MIDI files in your browser, open QuickTime and go to:

Edit menu > Preferences > QuickTime Preferences... > Browser tab > MIME Settings...

Confirm that "MIDI" is selected in the Audio drop down box.

If there are any other queries or problems, please contact one of the administrators using this form.