Helm (Stealing Creation)

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The helm from the Stealing Creation minigame is made by using any class of sacred clay on a creation kiln. The class of the helm is dependant on the class of the clay used to create it. The helm can be worn as armour to protect the player during battle. This armour cannot be taken outside the minigame, and should not be confused with the sacred clay helm of the sacred clay equipment set, which may be obtained from the rewards mystic in exchange for 24 points earned from the minigame.

Table of helms
IconClassLevel to useLevel to make
Helm (class 1).pngClass 11 DefenceDefence1 SmithingSmithing
Helm (class 2).pngClass 220 DefenceDefence20 SmithingSmithing
Helm (class 3).pngClass 340 DefenceDefence40 SmithingSmithing
Helm (class 4).pngClass 460 DefenceDefence60 SmithingSmithing
Helm (class 5).pngClass 580 DefenceDefence80 SmithingSmithing

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Main-handOff-handAttributeStyle bonus
Helm (class 1).pngClass 1------40.4-----
Helm (class 2).pngClass 2------63.2-----
Helm (class 3).pngClass 3------125.6-----
Helm (class 4).pngClass 4------226.4-----
Helm (class 5).pngClass 5------384.8-----