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This is a safe minigame.
If you die, you will not lose any of your items.
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Heist is a members-only minigame which involves two opposing teams (2-5 players on each team). Robbers try to secure loot undetected while guards attempt to uncover and arrest the robbers before time runs out. The game ends if all of the robbers have been converted to guards or if the robbers have collected sufficient loot. Another occasion, but rarer, is when the time runs out, and the robbers and guards have a tie game. The minigame rewards Hunter and Thieving bonus experience as well as perks which may be used within the minigame itself.

The minigame may be accessed by climbing up a ladder just north-west of Falador, by the Taverley wall. It has several blue and red banners around it. Falador Teleport or the hot air balloon to Taverley are quick ways of getting close.

Waiting room[edit | edit source]

The two airships and the lobby.

The waiting room is a platform supported by a number of prop engines and two ships with balloons. Players must dismiss any active followers before entering as they are not permitted in the waiting area. No items may be taken into the game, so players must deposit all carried items to enter a game - a bank chest is available for this purpose. The waiting area consists of three sections, one of which must be entered to join a game. Players may choose to begin the game on the side of the robbers, guards, or "neutral". Neutral players will be assigned to the team with fewer players before a game begins, or they will be randomly assigned to one of the two teams if the number of players are the same. After a sufficient number of players on both sides are ready (2 players minimum and 5 players maximum on each side), players are given the option to select one of two locations for 10 seconds. Once you have voted, your selection cannot be changed. The location with the higher number of votes is selected. If both locations receive an equal number of votes, the map is selected at random.

Sir Vyvin and Liara are present on behalf of the guards and robbers respectively. Speaking to either of them provides options to learn about the minigame, convert reward points, and play a tutorial game.

You automatically join the Public instance at the end of each game. If you wish to re-join a Private one, you must climb back down the ladder and re-join it.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Audio options icon.png
A robber has been arrested.

A rowboat deposit box
The Standard Guard Uniform
The wanted noticeboard

Players are split into two opposing teams: guards and robbers. The robbers' role is to steal loot from around the town and deposit it in one of the receptacles. To avoid capture by guards (all appearing as male regardless of their players' genders), they can disguise themselves and change form into the town's inhabitants, and then attempting to match their behaviour by doing the activities they perform, such as sitting down on benches and wandering around randomly. On some maps, robbers can also hide in carts of hay, but guards can search the carts to find them. If a guard finds a robber hiding in a cart of hay, then the robber will be kicked out of the cart and instantly accused, stunned and bound for 3 seconds, and lose all of their run energy. The guards' role is to stop the robbers by trying to find the disguised robber, accuse them, and then arrest them.

The robbers will need to deposit two loot for each robber in the game (Ex: A game with 3 robbers would require the robbers to collect a total of 6 loot to win). Robbers can find loot dispersed throughout the village, though mainly in the bank. Each chest may only be looted once, after which it closes. Chests outside of the bank can also be locked by guards for 30 seconds, which, in return, can be lock-picked by robbers. The loot can be deposited with the leader of the robbers, Liara, who is on the robbers' ship (the starting location) or with the deposit boxes located around the perimeter of the town. A robber cannot steal or receive loot if the robber is not in disguise.

A guard can accuse a character of being a robber, and if correct, go in for the arrest by clicking the character again. When accused, the robber will put their hands up for 30 seconds, lose 80-95% run energy, and wouldn't be able to transform into a new disguise during the time. Once the robber is caught for the first time, the robber would be handcuffed for 30 seconds before breaking free. After the robber is caught the second time, the robber will be sent to jail for one minute, and if the robber doesn't manage to escape in time, the robber will become a guard and join the guard's side. The imprisoned robber can only escape if another robber opens the cell door to free the robber, the robber uses a jail key to unlock the cell door (mainly obtained by pick-pocketing a key off a guard who has been jailed for incorrectly accusing too many NPCs), or the robber uses a spade under the bed to dig their way out. The spade perk can be bought with reward points, while the jail key can be pick-pocketed from a guard (though the player is not guaranteed to receive a key when pick-pocketing, and the key can only be received and used once). If a robber joins the guard's side, the robber will only be able to use the Undercover Cop perk.

To prevent wrongful accusations, the guard has 3 seconds to switch to a new citizen to accuse, and this can be done many times as long as 3 seconds haven't passed after the new accusation. If a guard accuses an innocent civilian three times, then the guard will be sent to jail by Internal Affairs, in which after 30 seconds, the guard is freed. Another guard can open the cell door to free a guard before that time, but a guard can only do this once. A good method is to use the noticeboard, which is unlocked through reward points, to see the characters that the robbers have taken the form of. The incorrect arrest counter is not reset by a correct arrest, only by being jailed.

Guards can grab up to 5 Viewing orbs from the equipment chest in the guard station. They can be placed anywhere around the map, but you can only deploy the viewing orbs in open areas. A viewing orb is deployed directly under you, and only 5 viewing orbs can be placed down at a time. They can be removed at anytime and be placed elsewhere. In the guard station, guards can look into the viewing station and choose to view the locations of the viewing orbs to quickly scout out for any suspicious behaviour at multiple areas from a distance.

The game is finished when the robbers have turned in enough loot, or if the guards have captured all of the robbers. If the game last the full 20 minutes, the guards will win. A player may leave the game by right clicking the viewing station in the guard's station or Liara on the robber's ship, but the player will not earn any reward or win points.

Maps[edit | edit source]

An example of a map select screen
A player correctly accuses another player, and arrests him.

Maps are modeled after cities in Gielinor. Two are chosen randomly before the match from the following list, and participating players can vote between the two choices. Each map has features that are unique to it.

Al Kharid[edit | edit source]

The desert town of Al Kharid is available, and its features include:

  • Valerio can be found dancing, and NPCs who approach him will do the troubadour dance with him. Robbers and guards have the option to dance with him in order to blend in.
  • Robbers can hide in carts of hay.
  • Camels may be used as a disguise, and unlike other disguises, they cannot run. They are useful for stealing keys from Guards as they have no animation while pickpocketing.
  • Loot is very abundant; there are even houses with a second floor that contain loot.

Burthorpe[edit | edit source]

The town of Burthorpe is unique in that it comes in two variations: Day and Night. There are not many differences between the two, besides the atmosphere.

  • Guards can climb trees and hide in them.
  • Robbers can hide in carts of hay.
  • Windows can be broken by both parties in order to access a house.
  • Castle ledges can be jumped off from.
  • Unlike other maps, Burthorpe is an island, and piers around the edge of the map can be jumped off in order to enter the water around the map to access the deposit boats and to escape.
  • Infected are available and spawn as zombies. This happens only in Night variation.

Canifis[edit | edit source]

The Werewolf town of Canifis is an available option and was voted for in a January Power to the Players poll. It has a number of unique features, which include:

  • Gargoyle statues can be found around the map, which turn and look at robbers that pass by them.
  • When a player clicks on a spade on a mound, there is a chance to encounter a random Barrows Brother, and if this happens, a thief is able to take their form. It is not recommended for a robber to take this form as it will directly give away the player. However, it can be used as a distraction as Guards may be shocked and all chase you.
  • Infected are available and spawn as werewolves.
  • Loot is more abundant.
  • There is no boundary around the map, and wandering to the edge will transport players (at the cost of 37-42% run energy) to the opposite side of the map.

Darkmeyer[edit | edit source]

The vampyre city of Darkmeyer is one of the available options regardless whether the players have completed The Branches of Darkmeyer quest or not, and it is fairly unique in the fact that the White Knights are not involved. Its features include:

  • Guards play as Vyrewatch (all female) and fly when outside of buildings.
  • Unlike Canifis, Werewolves are not considered infected.
  • Loot outside of the bank is more abundant, but tends to be inaccessible.

Random events[edit | edit source]

Random events may be encountered during the game. Helping one of these characters rewards the player with a piece of loot (if the player is a robber), or a 10 second trail to a random robber (if the player is a guard), and as well as an extra random perk for either (if the player has the perk unlocked). However, if the robber already has loot, they cannot receive more loot.

If the random event requests an item, the item can be obtained before talking to them. All random events are already present when a game starts, and can't occur more than once.

Upset woman[edit | edit source]

The house keys as they appear on the ground.
Upset woman chathead.png

On all maps, an Upset woman can be found who has lost her House keys. The keys are randomly placed somewhere around the map (this does not show on the minimap), and must then be picked up and be given back to the woman for a reward. Robbers can pickpocket the keys from guards. This is the most common random event.

Shady stranger[edit | edit source]

The wanted poster.
Shady stranger (Heist) chathead.png

On all maps, a Shady stranger can be found, who wants a wanted poster torn down because it is impeding his ability to thieve. The poster is a banner with a picture of a bot, and can be found anywhere on the map. However, it does not show on the minimap.

Boy[edit | edit source]

Boy chathead.png

On all maps, a boy has lost his ball, which must be retrieved and given to him for a reward. The ball does not show on the minimap. Robbers can pickpocket the ball from guards.

Injured man[edit | edit source]

Injured man chathead.png

On all maps, an Injured man can be found, and he must be led to a medical supplies crate in order to take a first aid kit and heal him. The man follows the player at a very slow pace, and other players can intercept him by talking to him.

Shocked woman[edit | edit source]

Shocked woman chathead.png

A shocked woman has lost her beloved kitten, Captain Meow. Players must find the cat and lead it back to the woman for their reward. The kitten does not show on the minimap, while the shocked woman does. This random event is the most uncommon.

Infected[edit | edit source]

Exclusive to the Burthorpe (Night) and Canifis maps are infected, which will be Zombies for Burthorpe and Werewolves for Canifis.

Every so often an infected will appear. Robbers can then disguise themselves as one, becoming infected. Once infected, any citizen that the robber turns into will become one of the infected too. This means that, eventually, all citizens could potentially look the same, allowing the robber to blend in better.

When at least one infect has spawned, guards can take up to 5 Vaccines from the equipment chest in the guard station. Vaccines can be thrown at a 5x5 square area around the player to cure any infected citizens to their regular form. When used, infected around the guard will be stunned for a moment and returned to their original forms, while robbers will be given a random one. Citizens will say cough when they have been hit with the vaccine, but robbers will not. If the original infected is hit with the vaccine, it will disappear.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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Audio options icon.png
Your team has won!

One reward point is given to each player for each minute the game lasts, regardless of whether they are on the winning or losing side. In addition, players on the winning side receive a win point (convertible into five reward points). Robbers who are arrested and joined the guard's side will not receive a win point, even if the robbers win. A game must last 5+ minutes for players to earn a win point.

The reward points can be used to buy certain "perks" such as the usage of the notice board and a deployable mine for guards or the use of a decoy and a spade for escape for robbers. Additionally, points may be redeemed for bonus experience in either Hunter or Thieving. The rewards interface is split between Hunter for guards and Thieving for robbers, but points earned by participating on either side may be used to buy any of the rewards.

Each role may be levelled up by spending 250 points, resetting all bought perks. There is no advantage to levelling up, but it acts as a prestige system so that points may be accumulated to purchase perks again. You don't need to buy all the perks of a role, or any at all, to be able to prestige.

Players may hold up to 500 rewards points and 100 win points at once before needing to spend some in order to earn any more.

Guard rewards[edit | edit source]

Heist reward shop (Guards).png

  • Level Up Guard (250 points)
  • Bonus Hunter experience (10 points per purchase)
  • Reward points (5 points per win point) - Converts your win points into reward points for you to spend.
  • Wanted Board (25 points) - (Passive Perk) A board appears in the guard station which shows the reader the disguises of all the robbers.
  • Friendly Wave (40 points) - (Active Perk) Wave at citizens and expect a friendly response (13x13 squares). (2 uses)
  • Security Sensors (75 points) - (Active Perk) Mines that you can deploy directly under you, which will alert you when a robber enters their proximity (7x7 squares). The mine cannot be picked back up once placed, and it disappears after alerting you 2 times. (1 use)
  • Undercover Cop (110 points) - (Active Perk) Allows you to disguise yourself as a citizen, blending in for 30 seconds. (1 use)

Hunter Experience[edit | edit source]

Only 10, 25, or 50 points can be spent at once; no confirmation is given.

Experience per point
Skill level Experience Skill level Experience Skill level Experience
1 28 34 406 67
2 30 35 427 68 1305
3 31 36 449 69 1358
4 33 37 470 70 1410
5 35 38 492 71 1463
6 36 39 513 72 1515
7 38 40 534 73 1568
8 39 41 556 74 1620
9 41 42 577 75 1673
10 43 43 599 76 1725
11 57 44 620 77 1778
12 70 45 642 78 1830
13 84 46 663 79 1883
14 98 47 685 80 1936
15 112 48 706 81 1988
16 126 49 728 82 2041
17 140 50 749 83 2093
18 154 51 770 84 2146
19 167 52 792 85 2198
20 181 53 813 86 2251
21 195 54 835 87 2303
22 209 55 856 88 2356
23 223 56 878 89 2408
24 237 57 899 90 2461
25 251 58 921 91 2513
26 265 59 942 92 2566
27 278 60 963 93 2618
28 292 61 94 2671
29 306 62 95 2723
30 320 63 96 2776
31 341 64 97 2828
32 363 65 98 2881
33 384 66 99 2933

Robber rewards[edit | edit source]

Heist reward shop (Robbers).png

  • Level Up Robber (250 points)
  • Bonus Thieving experience (10 points per purchase)
  • Reward points (5 points per win point) - Converts your win points into reward points for you to spend.
  • Supercrook (25 points) - (Passive Perk) Taking or depositing loot fully restores your run energy. You also lose 10% less run energy when spotted and picklock locked chests faster.
  • Resist arrest (40 points) - (Active Perk) Throws a smoke bomb, which stuns and binds all guards in close proximity to the player (7x7 squares) for 3 seconds. This also makes sure that the robber can't be caught or accused for 3 seconds. (1 use)
  • Great escape (75 points) - (Active Perk) Once activated, the robbers can search the bed to grab a shovel. Continuously click anywhere on the screen to dig your way out. A bar will appear above your head showing your progress. (1 use)
  • Decoy (110 points) - (Active Perk) Deploys a duplicate of the robber for 10 seconds. This decoy will then act as a player would by standing, walking, or running away. Helpful when being chased by a guard. This can't be used when you don't have a disguise. (1 use)

Thieving Experience[edit | edit source]

Only 10, 25, or 50 points can be spent at once; no confirmation is given.

Experience per point
Skill level Experience Skill level Experience Skill level Experience
1 105 34 67
2 114 35 68 1224
3 114 36 69 1268
4 114 37 70 1294
5 167 38 448 71 1360
6 167 39 456 72 1360
7 167 40 463 73 1372
8 167 41 471 74 1399
9 167 42 479 75 1427
10 171 43 487 76 1455
11 173 44 495 77 1484
12 174 45 78 1513
13 176 46 79 1543
14 178 47 80 1573
15 198 48 81 1666
16 200 49 82 1759
17 203 50 83 1851
18 205 51 84 1944
19 208 52 85 2036
20 53 86 2129
21 54 87 2222
22 55 88 2314
23 56 978 89 2407
24 57 90 2500
25 58 91 2592
26 59 1039 92 2685
27 60 1061 93 2777
28 61 1182 94 2870
29 62 1182 95 2963
30 63 1182 96 3055
31 64 1182 97 3148
32 65 1182 98 3241
33 66 1196 99 3333

Achievement[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 18 August 2020 (Update):
    • Disguised robbers in the Heist minigame can no longer be identified by hovering the cursor over their character models.
  • patch 27 July 2020 (Update):
    • The Ladder leading to the Heist mini-game is now capitalised.
  • patch 18 November 2019 (Update):
    • Players will now see that, when taking the form of a Vyre or camel during the minigame, Heist and using the unsheathe option, the Vyre or camel model that they have taken the form of will no longer distort.
  • hotfix 24 January 2018 (Update):
    • Players may now carry Subcontracts when entering the Heist minigame.
  • hotfix 5 January 2017 (Update):
    • An issue in which Ironmen could not complete the Heist resolution has been fixed.
  • patch 14 December 2015 (Update):
    • Removed some unnecessary blocking from the Heist and Stealing Creation minigame maps.
  • patch 14 September 2015 (Update):
    • The Friendly Wave perk now works correctly during Heist.
  • patch 8 December 2014 (Update):
    • The chain links on the anchor near the entrance to this minigame are now fully visible.
  • patch 4 August 2014 (Update):
    • Daily challenges now have lower priority than Heist in the Choose Your Path interface.
  • patch 19 May 2014 (Update):
    • Audio now continues to play throughout the whole of a game of Heist.
  • patch 28 April 2014 (Update):
    • Some animations in Heist have been updated to be more clear to portray what the player is doing.
  • patch 7 April 2014 (Update):
    • The Perks interface in Heist now has horizontal and vertical scroll bars when shrunk.
  • patch 17 March 2014 (Update):
    • Players may now toggle run via the action bar when disguised on the Canifis map within Heist.
    • Robbers who are converted to guards in Heist may no longer have their keys pickpocketed.
    • ‘Resist arrest’ will now stun a guard for 2 seconds longer, and restore 20% of the robbers run energy in Heist.
    • A previously blocked window on the Burthorpe (night) map in Heist has been unblocked.
  • patch 3 March 2014 (Update):
    • Guards in Heist now have the ability to lock chests that are outside of the bank and Robbers will now have to pick the locks before they're able to take the loot.
    • Guards no longer appear in swimming pose when jailed whilst swimming in a game of Heist.
    • The ability to use emotes within Heist has now been disabled.
    • Players can no longer cut the cacti in the Heist minigame.
    • Robbers in Heist can no longer be caught whilst performing certain animations such as diving or climbing.
  • patch 24 February 2014 (Update):
    • Win points are now rewarded for games that last for at least 5 minutes in the Heist minigame.
    • The Heist reward interface has been corrected so that you are no longer have to have more points than necessary to purchase a perk.
    • The false accusation count in Heist has been reduced from 5 to 3.
    • Robbers in the Heist minigame can no longer be caught when climbing out of the water.
    • Guards will now have a fade in at the start of the Heist minigame and their minimap will be blocked to allow the Robbers a chance to disguise themselves.
    • Guards can only help other guards out of internal affairs once per game in the Heist minigame.
    • During the Heist minigame, robbers can no longer stand still with immunity when handcuffed.
    • Players can no longer benefit from the Oo'glog pools when playing the Heist minigame.
    • The lobby timer in the Heist minigame has been increased slightly to allow players some time to join the team before a game starts.
    • NPCs within the Heist minigame can now walk through players.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The cow that keeps the airship platform afloat.
  • Players who are in Ironman mode cannot play this minigame.
  • When Heist was first put into the game, guards had 5 accusations and the screen wouldn't blackout during the countdown.
  • During Heist's early stages of release, Burthorpe Night map was glitched and caused many players' clients to crash. It was fixed, however, after certain tweaks to the mini-game the problem persisted.
  • It is possible for some of the random event items or loots to be inaccessible due to the random map generator.
  • There was a glitch in the Burthorpe maps that, when playing a Guard and chasing a robber, an incorrect identify would cause the player to remain swimming upon arrival in the jail. This has been fixed.
  • It was possible to cut cacti in Al Kharid to gain woodcutting experience, but was patched with an update.
  • It was possible to do emotes within Heist, but it was later patched.
  • Guards can quickly change their accusation, whilst accusing an NPC, by clicking another NPC before their accusation registers. This is shown when the guard says, "No wait... You!"
  • After an update chests with loot outside of the bank are now able to be locked by guards and pick-locked by robbers.
  • It was possible to control the stage selection screen and prevent players from starting the game by spamming the Mahjarrat Transformation emote while on the ship and waiting for the countdown to end.
  • The Darkmeyer map was unavailable, thought to be only for players who had completed the quest The Branches of Darkmeyer, for a while just after Heist launch due to technical difficulties. This has been since fixed.
  • When pursuing a robber on the Darkmeyer map it is possible to get stuck or even lose your target due to the animation of the player flying and landing.
  • Players are unable to plot trails to friends playing Heist, receiving the message, 'You cannot plot a trail to that player because they are playing Guards and Robbers.'
  • While the two lobbies are in fact air ships, being kept afloat by balloons, the central part of the lobby remains elevated by propeller engines, which are driven by a single cow in a treadmill that can be seen in the back.
  • The official RuneScape Wiki stated that the levels for both Guards and Robbers were capped at 250, despite the cap actually being much greater. This error remained on the Heist article until the official wiki was discontinued.