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Christmas Tree found at Heimland Games

The Heimland Games were a set of activities that players could take part in with their friends in the Land of Snow. Sections include ice skating, snowman building, snowball fights, and even seal sliding. To get there you must step into a Christmas cupboard or be teleported there by Thorvar after completing the 2010 Christmas event. This activity was released on 20 December.

Some people from the world of Gielinor were also there, including a drunken Sir Amik Varze, Manni the Reveller, Olaf the Bard, Brundt the Chieftain, Swensen the Navigator, Thorvald the Warrior, General Wartface, General Bentnoze, Thok, Master of Dungeoneering, and the Rewards trader, Marmaros.

Snowman[edit | edit source]

In this game, you collect the snow then build your snowman and it goes and walks around. One can also use their snow globe from the 2007 Christmas event to quickly create a lot of snow for building.

You need 31 snowballs to build a complete snowman (10 for the bottom, 6 for the middle, 4 for the arms, 11 for the head). The Heimland Games snowman comes to life once the 31st snowball is added, and it will move around the fenced enclave of snow, on rare occasions even venturing just outside the fenced area. There was a glitch, when two people add the last snowball together, there is a chance that 2 snowmen will come out of it.

Ice skating[edit | edit source]

Ice skating is another activity in the Heimland Games. It is easy: just click around the rink and skate. It is occasionally used for games of tag between players.

Snowball fighting[edit | edit source]

Another game you can play while in the Heimland Games, is snowball fight. Just gather snow and click "throw" then click a player. You can also take them outside the portal. But they may "melt" after the event is over. You can also use your snow globe from the 2007 Christmas event to rapidly restore your snowballs. Throwing without clicking the throw marker does not score.

Seal sliding[edit | edit source]

Location: Through the east gate. Like during the third room of the 2010 Christmas event, you can slide around as a seal. You also have the ability to score points, with different end markers having different values. There are three runs, and the respawn is by the middle one.

This activity returned for the 2016 Christmas event, rewarding Dungeoneering and Agility experience for every successful run. Players can access the event by stepping through the Christmas cupboard next to Thorvar Crittersmash after completing the first three Quest Episodes.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There was a glitch to stop on the ice while sliding with the seal; when you turned into a seal, you could quickly add a note to stop. This was not fixed.
  • There was another glitch where you can turn on the ice and stop.
  • If you had a pet penguin from the Summoning skill, and talk to it in the land of snow, it would say "I'm much too warm here." even though it is surrounded by snow and ice, its natural habitat.
  • The previous Message of the Week, "Heim crabs are for life, not just for Christmas!" was likely a hint as to the upcoming Christmas event.
  • If you talked to Manni the Reveller east of the snowman field, he would think that you'd come to challenge him to a drinking contest. If you were a free-to-play player you will simply respond with "Why would I do that?" If you were/had been a member and completed The Fremennik Trials, you would respond with "Oh no, I'm not doing that again!" and Manni will call you by your Fremennik name in both P2P and F2P servers. Olaf the Bard and the other men from Rellekka who were standing near the east gate would also call you by your Fremennik name if you selected the right responses.
  • On the snowman building game, there was a glitch when you stand on an incomplete snowman, some parts of you will go through it.
  • The Heimland Games are probably a reference to the Highland games held in Scotland.
  • If you talk to Brundt the Chieftain, he will say "There is a great wolf living in the hills. It visits towns and villages, preying on the young, the weak, and the elderly. But, of course, this is not a story for such a merry time of year!" This is a hint at a the Hati wolf, which was released in 17 January 2011.
  • If you had the ice amulet, you would not be able to summon your snow imp.
  • While you could use the squirrel ears to summon the squirrels, your squirrel(s) will prevent you from building snow men.
  • The Heim in Heimland games means home in Icelandic, which is similar to the Fremennik. Heim also appears with the heim crab and Daemonheim.
  • If you talked to Brundt the Chieftain, and said "I like your nose", a reference to Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, you were told:
I'm glad! Everybody has been laughing at me. When it's dark, I can see where I'm going because of my nose glowing. Then we'll see who has the best nose!
— Brundt the Chieftain
  • When throwing a snowball at a player behind a snowbank, a message appeared saying, "That player is hiding."
  • If you were at the games when they were removed you'd be expelled and told so.
The Heimland Games are over! I do hope you enjoyed them!
— Thorvar Crittersmash