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Hector Vivian is a dark wizard responsible for sinking Tutorial Island. He was once a skilled hydromancer.[1] While experimenting, he accidentally opened a portal that placed him on Tutorial Island, and he was forbidden from leaving until he had completed the tutorial. This greatly frustrated him, as he believed the tasks to be beneath him, so he sank the island and cursed the inhabitants to become crassians in order to punish them,[1][2] though the banker died and the combat instructor Vannaka had left the island shortly beforehand.[3] As he couldn't get to Vannaka, the curse was incomplete.[4] The curse itself could only be broken by the tutorial being completed.[4]

When an adventurer nearly completed the tutorial, he appeared and tried to attack them, having captured Vannaka. He was stopped at the last moment by Wizard Myrtle, and the pair duelled, with Hector eventually being overpowered. Terrova managed to remove the curse from Vannaka before it took hold and deflected part of it back onto Hector, cursing him to remain trapped on the sunken island.

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References[edit | edit source]

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