Hector (Granny Potterington's husband)

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Hector was Granny Potterington's husband who also lived at the Manor Farm. He was the father of their children, Henry and Harry.

He died a few months ago. However Granny gives a different reason each day:

  • "It was a terrible accident. Somehow, our entire supply of pitchforks just fell into him...some, apparently, out and then into him again a few times."
  • "Angry sheep. Don't let the wooliness lull you into a false sense of security, sheep are malicious killers at heart."
  • "Crushed to death by cheese wheels. He was trying to stack them too high and down they all came. His funeral stank; in hindsight, we shouldn't have cremated him."
  • "He decided he could make more money as an adventurer. Chickens can apparently be dangerous opponents when angry."
  • "At 27? No, sadly he misread a cooking recipe and managed to set himself on fire. Sad, really. The meal was ruined."
  • "A chimney fell on him. It's weird, it wasn't even ours. It just came out of nowhere. I blame those floating island types."
  • "He was electrocuted to death by a wandering pig. Very strange, but his heart couldn't take it and he gave out."