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All RuneScape Head banners released before 2008 can be found here.

[edit | edit source]

Original logo

  • Duration: 2001
  • Scene: Original RS logo before release Jan 2001. Original version was just the name runescape in a straight line on the stones, but friends were joking around and kept calling it "run escape". The line was later split into two with a sword in the middle between Rune and Scape.

[edit | edit source]

Oldest logo

  • Duration: 2001
  • Scene: The logo of RuneScape itself for the first year of RuneScape Classic.

RS1[edit | edit source]


  • Duration: 2002-2004
  • Scene: The logo of RuneScape itself for the later years of RuneScape Classic.

RS2[edit | edit source]


  • Duration: Pre-2008
  • Scene: A showcase of all the skills RuneScape has to offer.

2006 Christmas event[edit | edit source]

2006 Christmas event

  • Duration: Christmas of 2006
  • Scene: Same as the normal banner, but with a snow-covered logo.

2007 Christmas event[edit | edit source]

2007 Christmas event

  • Duration: Christmas of 2007
  • Scene: Snow-covered logo with snowmen, the Queen of Snow, and several reindeer.

RuneScape German[edit | edit source]

RuneScape Germany

  • Duration: February 2007
  • Scene: An assortment of characters and banners of the German flag, to mark the release of RuneScape Germany.