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The G-Nome Project[edit | edit source]

G-Nome Project head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Help Santa with transforming his clockwork gnome into a real one.
  • Scene: Concept art of Santa riding his sleigh with the clockwork gnome.
  • Duration: 11 December - 2 January 2018

Winter Weekends[edit | edit source]

Winter Weekends head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Take part in the various Winter Weekends active throughout December and January
  • Scene: Concept art of a snowy Gielinor.
  • Duration: 8 December - 2 January 2018

Evil Dave's Big Day Out[edit | edit source]

Evil Dave Quest head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Help Evil Dave get Zamorak's attention.
  • Scene: Concept art of Evil Dave next to Zamorak
  • Duration: 27 November - 2 January 2018

Premier Club 2018[edit | edit source]

Premier Club 2018 head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Get Premier Club for 2018 with exclusives like a new outfit, aura, access to the Premier Club vault and more
  • Scene: Concept art of a male and female wearing the Hellion outfit
  • Duration: 24 November - 29 January 2018

Free Weekend[edit | edit source]

Free Weekend head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Log into the members worlds and experience members concent for free until 27 November
  • Scene: Concept art of Ariane
  • Duration: 24 November - 27 November

Combat Pets[edit | edit source]

Combat Pets head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Collect 8 new combat pets by training your combat skills.
  • Scene: Concept art of Ghostly and Shamani in the foreground with Daemonheim concept in the background
  • Duration: 20 November - 2 January 2018

Ghost Stories of Gielinor[edit | edit source]

Ghost Stories of Gielinor head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Help Closure locate nine ghosts throughout Gielinor and help them cross over to the afterlife for rewards such as a Headless rider outfit, emote and title.
  • Scene: Closure with several other ghosts next to him
  • Duration: 30 October - 20 November

Dimension of the Damned[edit | edit source]

Dimension of the Damned head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Play the newest game mode - Dimension of the Damned and attempt to earn a spot in the finale.
  • Scene: Various types of zombies in an undead version of Gielinor
  • Duration: 16 October - 20 November

Free To Play Changes[edit | edit source]

F2P Changes head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: The Free-to-play world has been expanded with new quests, areas and D&D's.
  • Scene: Professor Arblenap atop Ice Mountain, the Warrior's Guild, updated Splitbark armour and Silvarea and the Song from the Depths cave showcasing various changes.
  • Duration: 11 October - 20 November

Customer Support Week[edit | edit source]

Customer Support Week head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Improve your account security throughout CS Week and get several rewards.
  • Scene: Concept art of Count Check defending against an unseen enemy
  • Duration: 2 October - 30 October

RuneFest 2017 Live[edit | edit source]

RuneFest 2017 Live head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: RuneFest 2017 is live on Twitch and YouTube
  • Scene: An image of a past RuneFest
  • Duration: 23 September

Invention Batch 2[edit | edit source]

Invention Batch 2 head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Discover new machines with Invention Batch 2
  • Scene: Concept art of the Invention Guild
  • Duration: 18 September - 12 October

Double XP Weekend[edit | edit source]

Double XP Weekend head banner 5.jpg Double XP Weekend head banner 3.jpg

  • Occasion: Double XP Weekend is active from 15 September to 18 September.
  • Scene: Concept art showing Gielinor in the background.
  • Duration: 15 September - 18 September

Summer Beach Party[edit | edit source]

Summer Beach Party 2016 head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Travel to the Lumbridge Crater to take part in the Summer Beach Party.
  • Scene: Concept art of Reyna, Clawdia and the Lumbridge Crater beach.
  • Duration: 31 July - 4 September

RuneScape Mobile[edit | edit source]

RuneScape on Mobile head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: RuneScape is coming to Mobile devices in 2018.
  • Scene: Art of an unknown hand holding a mobile with RuneScape on the screen
  • Duration: 17 July - 16 July 2018

The Magister[edit | edit source]

The Magister head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Take on the Magister and earn new tier 92 weapons and gloves of passage.
  • Scene: Concept art of The Magister
  • Duration: 3 July - 31 July

Open Weekend[edit | edit source]

Open Weekend head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Try out RuneScape's members features for free between 9 June and 12 June.
  • Scene: Concept art of Ozan standing at the gates of Menaphos.
  • Duration: 9 June - 12 June

Menaphos: The Gates are Open[edit | edit source]

Menaphos head banner 2.jpg

  • Occasion: The Gates of Menaphos are now open.
  • Scene: Concept art of various characters involved with Menaphos
  • Duration: 5 June - 12 October

RuneFest 2017[edit | edit source]

RuneFest 2017 head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Tickets for RuneFest 2017 are now available to purchase.
  • Scene: Images from several RuneFest events from previous years
  • Duration: 22 May - 31 July

Menaphos Summer Special[edit | edit source]

Menaphos Summer Special head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Get 3 months membership for the price of 2 with the Menaphos Summer Special pack
  • Scene: Concept art of the Pharaoh with Menaphos in the background
  • Duration: 22 May - 15 July

Double XP Weekend[edit | edit source]

Double XP Weekend head banner 4.jpg

  • Occasion: Double XP Weekend is now active from 19 May until 22 May.
  • Scene: Concept art of Leela and Menaphos
  • Duration: 19 May - 22 May

Gielinorian Giving[edit | edit source]

Gielinorian Giving head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Collect charity tokens ingame by skilling to unlock the Defenders of the Mind cosmetic outfit.
  • Scene: Concept art of the Defenders of the Mind outfit
  • Duration: 8 May - 22 May

Shattered Worlds[edit | edit source]

Shattered Worlds head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Take part in the new combat minigame Shattered Worlds for rewards such as new sigils, slayer masks and new abilities.
  • Scene: Screenshots of Shattered Worlds in broken glass
  • Duration: 2 May - 5 June

Menaphos[edit | edit source]

Menaphos head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Menaphos is coming on 5 June, check out the official site to see the requirements to gain access.
  • Scene: Concept art of Menaphos
  • Duration: 25 April - 5 June

Twitch Prime Package[edit | edit source]

Twitch Prime Package head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Start a 30 day free trial or purchase a month of Twitch Prime to receive a new Legendary pet, a month of membership, 15 Treasure Hunter keys and 200 RuneCoins.
  • Scene: Concept art of Ariane and the Prime Colossus pet
  • Duration: 11 April - 8 May

15 Years of Adventure[edit | edit source]

15 Years of Adventure head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Watch RuneScape's 15 Year anniversary documentary on YouTube
  • Scene: An image of the three Gower Brothers signing autographs at RuneFest 2015.
  • Duration: 10 April - 25 April

Gemstone Dragons[edit | edit source]

Gemstone Dragons head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Face off against 3 new Gemstone dragons based on the dragonstone, onyx and hydrix gems for pieces of the gemstone armour
  • Scene: Concept art of the Dragonstone dragon
  • Duration: 3 April - 2 May

Merch Store - Free Shipping[edit | edit source]

Merch Store free shipping head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: The Merch Store is now offering free shipping on orders from £15 or more until the 16 March.
  • Scene: Two Jagex Moderators wearing shirts bought through the Merch Store, including the new Hardcore Ironman shirt
  • Duration: 9 March - 21 March

Back to the Freezer[edit | edit source]

Back to the Freezer head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Help Chuck prevent the latest penguin plot to reduce Gielinor's temperature.
  • Scene: Concept art of penguins stranded in the desert near the T.A.R.D.I.S
  • Duration: 27 February - 5 April

Double XP Weekend[edit | edit source]

Double XP Weekend head banner 3.jpg

  • Occasion: Double XP Weekend is now live, running from 17 February to 20 February.
  • Scene: Concept art showing Gielinor in the background.
  • Duration: 17 February - 20 February

Win an Amazon Echo[edit | edit source]

Amazon Echo competition head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Enter the competition for a chance to win an Amazon Echo, to celebrate the release of One Piercing Note on the device.
  • Scene: Concept art of Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede's interior
  • Duration: 6 February - 17 February

Premier Club 2017: Last Chance[edit | edit source]

Premier Club 2017 Last Chance head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: It's the last chance to buy the 2017 Premier Club package before it's removed on 5 February.
  • Scene: Concept art of Menaphos in the background and the Menaphite Ancient Outfit in the foreground
  • Duration: 31 January - 6 February

Nex: Angel of Death[edit | edit source]

Angel of Death head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Take on Nex in her new chamber
  • Scene: Concept art of Nex: Angel of Death
  • Duration: 30 January - 27 February

Hati, Sköll & Fenrir[edit | edit source]

Hati, Skoll and Fenrir head banner 2.jpg

  • Occasion: Hati, Sköll and Fenrir return for 2017. Kill all three to complete the Wolf outfit and gain experience in several skills.
  • Scene: Hati and Sköll in a snowy forest area
  • Duration: 16 January - 30 January

Memorial to Guthix[edit | edit source]

Memorial to Guthix head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Train Divination to recover memory strands and engrams that reveal some of Guthix's memories.
  • Scene: A ghostly image of Guthix near the Memorial site
  • Duration: 10 January - 30 January

Dungeoneering Weekend[edit | edit source]

Dungeoneering Winter Weekend head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Take advantage of the Dungeoneering weekend with double tokens from regular floors and sinkholes, as well as 50% more experience from Sinkhole lamps.
  • Scene: A snowy background with the Wizards' Tower and Clan Citadel visible.
  • Duration: 6 January - 9 January