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Winter Weekend - Skilling[edit | edit source]

Skilling Winter Weekend 2 head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Take part in the fourth Winter Weekend of 2015 with several Skilling benefits including double reputation gain at Artisan's Workshop
  • Scene: A snowy background with the Wizards' Tower and Clan Citadel visible
  • Duration: 25 December - 29 December

Winter Weekend - Minigames[edit | edit source]

Minigame Winter Weekend head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Take part in the third Winter Weekend of 2015 with double points across various minigames and other benefits.
  • Scene: A snowy background with the Wizards' Tower and Clan Citadel visible
  • Duration: 18 December - 21 December

Beneath Cursed Tides[edit | edit source]

Beneath Cursed Tides head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Help Wizard Myrtle uncover the truth to the disappearance of Tutorial Island, with help from Vannaka.
  • Scene: Concept art of the sunken Tutorial Island
  • Duration: 15 December - 21 December

Winter Weekend - Bossing and Slaying[edit | edit source]

Bossing and Slaying Winter Weekend head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Take part in the second Winter Weekend of 2015 with increased drops, more slayer experience and 10% cheaper instances.
  • Scene: A snowy background with the Wizards' Tower and Clan Citadel visible
  • Duration: 11 December - 15 December

Winter Weekend - Dungeoneering[edit | edit source]

Dungeoneering Winter Weekend head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Take part in the first Winter Weekend of 2015 with double dungeoneering tokens and 50% more experience.
  • Scene: A snowy background with the Wizards' Tower and Clan Citadel visible
  • Duration: 4 December - 7 December

Christmas Event 2015[edit | edit source]

Christmas Event 2015 head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Take part in a month long Christmas event featuring 4 short quests and an Advent calendar.
  • Scene: Several penguins wrapping an adventurer up in a present
  • Duration: 30 November - 11 January 2016

Premier Club 2016[edit | edit source]

Premier Club 2016 head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Premier Club returns for 2016 with new rewards for subscribing, like the Mahjarrat outfit and swords from past RuneScape logos
  • Scene: Two adventurers showing off some of the Premier Club items
  • Duration: 30 November - 1 February 2016

Chronicle: Closed Beta Now Live[edit | edit source]

Chronicle Closed Beta Live head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Chronicle's Closed Beta is now Live, playable by anyone who has a beta key.
  • Scene: Ariane and the Raptor playing a match of Chronicle
  • Duration: 25 November - 1 January 2016

Raptor's Challenge - Acheron Mammoths[edit | edit source]

Acheron mammoths head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Fight to kill new Acheron Mammoths wwhich drops mammoth tusks that can be used to create the pack mammoth familiar.
  • Scene: Concept art of the Acheron Mammoths
  • Duration: 23 November - 30 November

Raptor's Challenge - Camel Warriors[edit | edit source]

Camel warriors head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Fight to kill new Camel warriors wwhich drops a new level 85 staff.
  • Scene: Concept art of the Camel Warriors
  • Duration: 16 November - 23 November

Divination Simulacrum Outfit[edit | edit source]

Divine Simulacrum outfit head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Unlock chests from 12 November - 16 November to get the pieces of three divination outfits, then combine them to create the Elder divination outfit.
  • Scene: Concept art of the Energy and Memory divination outfits
  • Duration: 12 November - 16 November

Raptor's Challenge - Ripper Demons[edit | edit source]

Ripper Demons head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Fight to kill new Ripper Demons with new level 85 claw drops.
  • Scene: Concept art of the Ripper Demons
  • Duration: 9 November - 16 November

Raptor's Challenge - Wyverns[edit | edit source]

Wyverns head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Fight to kill new Living wyverns with a new level 85 crossbow drop, and take part in the Raptor's Challenge throughout November
  • Scene: Concept art of the Wyverns
  • Duration: 2 November - 9 November

Chronicle Closed Beta[edit | edit source]

Chronicle Closed Beta head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Sign up for the Chronicle: RuneScape Legends closed beta, which starts on 25 November 2015
  • Scene: Screenshots of the game showing the Raptor and Ariane in two of the games areas
  • Duration: 28 October - 25 November

Gauntlet of Souls[edit | edit source]

Gauntlet of Souls head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Help Icthlarin defend the gates of Underworld from Amascut in the new Halloween Event
  • Scene: An adventurer gathering lost souls on the River Noumenon
  • Duration: 27 October - 12 November

Invasion of Falador[edit | edit source]

Invasion of Falador head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Join the Black Knights or White Knights and help invade or defend Falador
  • Scene: The Black Knight Champion and the White Knight Champion ready to face off against eachother
  • Duration: 12 October - 2 November

Call of the Ancestors[edit | edit source]

Call of the Ancestors head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Join several goebies in a quest to unearth an ancient power on Mazcab
  • Scene: Tunks, Peck and Lunch stacked up together
  • Duration: 12 October - 19 October

Pet of Seasons[edit | edit source]

Pet of Seasons head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Collect materials from Treasure Hunter or through skilling to make a Pet of Seasons
  • Scene: Concept art of the Pets of Autumn, Winter, Summer and Spring
  • Duration: 8 October - 16 October

RuneFest 2015 Live[edit | edit source]

RuneFest 2015 Live head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: RuneFest 2015 is live and watchable on twitch
  • Scene: An image from RuneFest 2014
  • Duration: 3 October

Double XP Weekend[edit | edit source]

Double XP Weekend head banner 2.jpg

  • Occasion: Double XP Weekend is now live through 25 September to 28 September
  • Scene: A world view of Gielinor
  • Duration: 25 September - 28 September

Time to Train[edit | edit source]

Time to Train head banner 2.jpg

  • Occasion: Time to Train returns with rewards to help throughout Double XP Weekend.
  • Scene: Concept art of Alice next to some Treasure chests
  • Duration: 24 September - 28 September

Waterfall Fishing[edit | edit source]

Waterfall Fishing head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Train your fishing skill at the new Prifddinas Waterfall Fishing spot, and unlock rewards like a crystal fishing rod.
  • Scene: Two adventurers fishing at Prifddinas' waterfall
  • Duration: 21 September - 12 October

DarkScape[edit | edit source]

DarkScape head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Play DarkScape, a new open-world PVP game where nowhere is safe
  • Scene: An adventurer battling another adventurer to the death
  • Duration: 16 September - 24 September

The Lord of Vampyrium[edit | edit source]

The Lord of Vampyrium head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Face Drakan in the newest quest in the Myreque Series
  • Scene: Concept art of Lord Drakan
  • Duration: 14 September - 21 September

Redeem Bonds for T-Shirts[edit | edit source]

Redeem Bonds for T-shirts head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: It is now possible to buy shirts from the RuneScape Merch shop with Bonds
  • Scene: Two Jagex Moderators wearing a level-up shirt for Magic and Slayer
  • Duration: 7 September - 14 September

Balthazar's Big Raffle[edit | edit source]

Balthazar's Big Raffle 2015 head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Balthazar's Raffle returns for 2015 with new Golden Barrows outfit and his Bargain Barrel Blowout.
  • Scene: Balthazar speaking through a microphone announcing his raffle
  • Duration: 1 September - 3 October

The Light Within[edit | edit source]

The Light Within head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Help restore Seren in the new quest, The Light Within
  • Scene: Concept art showing a world gate on Tarddiad
  • Duration: 24 August - 14 September

God Caps[edit | edit source]

God Caps head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Order one of 7 new God Caps now for an exclusive in-game cosmetic.
  • Scene: God Caps for the Zaros, Zamorak, Saradomin, Seren, Armadyl, Bandos and Godless factions.
  • Duration: 14 August - 7 September

2015 Clan Cup[edit | edit source]

Clan Cup 2015 head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: The Clan Cup returns for 2015 with various new events.
  • Scene: Several adventurers wearing different sets of armour
  • Duration: 12 August - 21 September

Big Cats[edit | edit source]

Big Cats head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Take part in a special edition of The Drop to adopt 2 big cats and new titles, also unlock two big cats via bonds
  • Scene: Concept art of the Jaguar, Lion, Tiger and Snow Leopard cubs
  • Duration: 20 July - 4 August

Raids[edit | edit source]

Raids head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Travel to Mazcab and discover the Goebies and their home world, while also taking part in 10-man raids.
  • Scene: Concept art of Durzag in Raids
  • Duration: 13 July - 24 August

RuneFest: Tickets on Sale[edit | edit source]

RuneFest head banner 2.jpg

  • Occasion: RuneFest tickets are now on sale
  • Scene: An image from last year's RuneFest
  • Duration: 10 July - 14 August, 28 September - 3 October

Hero's Welcome[edit | edit source]

Hero's Welcome head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Join V in this latest quest to raid some Dragonkin lairs
  • Scene: Concept art of V
  • Duration: 29 June - 13 July

Summer Beach Party[edit | edit source]

Summer Beach Party head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Join Reyna in the Lumbridge Crater for a Summer Beach Party
  • Scene: Concept art of Reyna at the Lumbridge Crater beach party
  • Duration: 29 June - 14 August

RuneFest[edit | edit source]

RuneFest head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: RuneFest returns on October 3 2015.
  • Scene: An image from last year's RuneFest
  • Duration: 16 June - 10 July

Adamant and Rune Dragons[edit | edit source]

Adamant and Rune Dragons head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Venture deeper into the Brimhaven Dungeon to face Adamant Dragons, or travel to Kethsi to kill Rune Dragons
  • Scene: A Rune dragon near the portal to Gielinor
  • Duration: 15 June - 29 June

Astromancer Oufit[edit | edit source]

Astromancer outfit head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Earn Astromancer credits through the world event or through Treasure Hunter to unlock the Astromancer outfit.
  • Scene: An adventurer wearing the Astromancer outfit
  • Duration: 4 June - 9 June

Tuska World Event[edit | edit source]

Tuska World Event head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Team up with either Saradomin, Zamorak, Godless or Armadyl factions to help take out Tuska.
  • Scene: Tuska making her way towards Gielinor
  • Duration: 1 June - 29 June

Smouldering Lamps[edit | edit source]

Smouldering lamps head banner 2.jpg

  • Occasion: Smouldering Lamps have returned to Treasure Hunter.
  • Scene: Concept art of the Smouldering lamp
  • Duration: 29 May - 2 June

Summer Special[edit | edit source]

Summer Special head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Buy the new Summer Special Membership offer and get three month's membership for the price of 2, the Enlightenment aura and the Cosmic foresight ability.
  • Scene: Concept art of the Rune Dragon on the left, followed by Goebies, V - a legendary Fremennik hero, Raids, Tuska and a Seren shard.
  • Duration: 26 May - 10 July

Minigame Spotlight[edit | edit source]

Minigame Spotlight head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Receive a new currency when taking part in minigames to get existing minigame rewards or Treasure Hunter items.
  • Scene: Concept art of Stanley Limelight standing on his podium announcing the spotlighted minigame.
  • Duration: 18 May - 1 June

Dragon Trinkets[edit | edit source]

Dragon Trinkets head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Get Dragon Trinkets from Treasure Hunter from the 15th - 18th May and use them for convenient teleports, slayer experience and instant dragon kills.
  • Scene: Concept art of the Dragon trinkets necklace item on a purple background.
  • Duration: 15 May - 18 May

Block N Load on Steam[edit | edit source]

Cogwheel outfit head banner.jpg Cogwheel outfit head banner 2.jpg

  • Occasion: Unlock the Cogwheel outfit by playing 5 friendly Block N Load matches, available on Steam now.
  • Scene: An adventurer wearing the Cogwheel outfit.
  • Duration: 1 May - 11 May

RuneScape Road Trip 2015[edit | edit source]

RuneScape Road Trip 2015 head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: The RuneScape Road Trip returns with new rewards, including a new Cute creature pet.
  • Scene: An adventurer wearing the Hiker's outfit with the Cute creature pet on their shoulder.
  • Duration: 29 April - 1 June

Aquarium[edit | edit source]

Aquarium head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Create your very own Aquarium in your Player-Owned house and fill it up with fish for new rewards.
  • Scene: An aquarium filled with various fish and scenery
  • Duration: 20 April - 6 May, 11 May - 18 May

New Merch Store[edit | edit source]

New Merch Store head banner.jpg Merch store sale ends soon head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Jagex have released a new merch store filled with new t-shirts and other stuff.
  • Scene: Two Jagex Moderators wearing a new shirt that is on sale.
  • Duration: 2 April - 17 April

Easter Eggs-periments[edit | edit source]

Easter Eggs-periments head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Help the Easter bunny get rid of the imps from his factory in a new Easter event
  • Scene: The easter bunny, looking sad with the Ringleader imp next to it, holding a jadinko egg.
  • Duration: 30 March - 13 April

Shark Attack[edit | edit source]

Shark Attack head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Collect pieces the new shark outfits now from Treasure Hunter
  • Scene: An adventurer wearing the Regular Shark outfit
  • Duration: 26 March - 31 March

Dimension of Disaster[edit | edit source]

Dimension of Disaster head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Venture into an alternate Varrock and confront Zemouregal
  • Scene: An adventurer being transported to the Alternate Varrock
  • Duration: 23 March - 30 March, 17 April -

Arrav Outfit[edit | edit source]

Arrav outfit head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Get Arrav's outfit from Solomon's Store, with an upgraded version if the outfit from the quest has been unlocked
  • Scene: An adventurer wearing the Cursed Arrav outfit
  • Duration: 23 March - 30 March

Chameleon Extract[edit | edit source]

Chameleon Extract head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Change your skin colour out of 23 shades with the new Chameleon extracts, now on Solomon's Store
  • Scene: An adventurer holding a Chameleon extract
  • Duration: 16 March - 25 March

Rares and Luckies[edit | edit source]

Rares and Luckies head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Collect rare tokens to buy new rares from the Rare item store, or win them from Treasure Hunter
  • Scene: An Imcando axe on a table with several runes and coins
  • Duration: 13 March - 20 March

Dark Lord[edit | edit source]

Dark Lord Pack head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: The Dark Lord pack has been released on Solomon's Store
  • Scene: An adventurer wearing the Dark Lord outfit
  • Duration: 10 March - 16 March

Meteor Storm[edit | edit source]

Meteor Storm 2 head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Space dust and meteorites have returned to Treasure Hunter.
  • Scene: Several meteorites falling from the sky
  • Duration: 6 March - 9 March

Dishonour Among Thieves[edit | edit source]

Dishonour Among Thieves head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Gather a team of Zamorak's most trusted forces in an attempt to steal the Stone of Jas from Sliske in Dishonour among Thieves quest
  • Scene: Enhakhra, Lord Daquarius, Zemouregal, Jerrod, Nomad, Moia, Hazeel, General Khazard and Bilrach shown over the Stone of Jas
  • Duration: 23 February - 6 March, 9 March -

GameBlast Double XP Weekend[edit | edit source]

GameBlast 2015 Double XP head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Double XP Weekend has started and will end on 23 February at 12:00 UTC
  • Scene: A background showing Gielinor.
  • Duration: 20 February - 23 February

GameBlast 2015 Livestream[edit | edit source]

GameBlast 2015 Livestream head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Watch the GameBlast 24 hour livestream now
  • Scene: A background showing Gielinor with an image from a previous stream next to it
  • Duration: 20 February - 21 February

Time to Train[edit | edit source]

Time to Train head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: All Treasure Chests rewards are replaced with items to help with training skills over the weekend.
  • Scene: Alice near some treasure chests
  • Duration: 19 February - 23 February

Valentine's Day 2015[edit | edit source]

Valentines 2015 head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Collect rose petals through ingame skilling or Treasure Hunter to create love or hate valentines items.
  • Scene: Cupid wearing the Love valentines items with a dark cupid wearing the Hate valentines items
  • Duration: 12 February - 17 February

Bonus Chests[edit | edit source]

Bonus Chests head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: A brand new Bonus chest has been added to Treasure Hunter, which rewards double the reward inside it.
  • Scene: The bonus chest being opened
  • Duration: 6 February - 10 February

Solomon's General Store - Wings IV[edit | edit source]

SGS - Wings IV head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Finish your skilling outfits with 4 brand new cosmetic wings, now on Solomon's General Store
  • Scene: An adventurer wearing the Silver-bladed wings
  • Duration: 2 February - 21 February

Protean Hides[edit | edit source]

Protean Hides head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Win Protean Hides from Treasure Hunter for Crafting experience.
  • Scene: A Protean Hide being tanned in a desert area
  • Duration: 30 January - 2 February

Ports- Guardians of the World[edit | edit source]

Ports Expansion 3 head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: The third Ports expansion has been released, featuring 3 new adventures with new rewards.
  • Scene: The Tengu, The Memory and The Exiled shown in front of a ship
  • Duration: 26 January - 2 February

RuneLabs[edit | edit source]

RuneLabs head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Suggest your ideas on RuneLabs and they could be featured in a future game update
  • Scene: The RuneLabs logo hovering over a laboratory filled with chemicals
  • Duration: 20 January - 2 February, 18 February - 23 February, 13 April - 1 May

Hati and Skoll Returns[edit | edit source]

Hati and Skoll 2015 head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Hati and Sköll return for another year with their Hati paws and Skoll boots drops.
  • Scene: Hati in the foreground with Skoll in the background
  • Duration: 19 January - 26 January

Alchemist's Amulet: Last Chance[edit | edit source]

Alchemists Amulet last chance head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: It's the last chance to collect the fragments to create the new ALchemist's Amulet.
  • Scene: The Luminous alchemist's amulet surrounded by fallen gold coins
  • Duration: 16 January - 20 January

Alchemist's Amulet Returns[edit | edit source]

Alchemist Amulet Returns head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: A brand new Alchemist's amulet is available to create by collecting fragments from Treasure Hunter.
  • Scene: The Luminous alchemist's amulet surrounded by fallen gold coins
  • Duration: 9 January - 16 January

Boss Pets[edit | edit source]

Boss Pets head banner.jpg

  • Occasion: 26 brand new boss pets available as drops from the appropriate bosses
  • Scene: The King Black Dragon boss pet next to the Araxxor boss pet
  • Duration: 5 January - 16 January