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Power to the Players[edit | edit source]

Power to the Players banner.jpg

  • Occasion: An upcoming poll system in 2014 to vote for the content you want.
  • Scene: A purple background with a link to the Power to the Players video.
  • Duration: 27 December - 7 January

Magic Notepaper[edit | edit source]

Magic Notepaper banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Magic Notepaper now on the Squeal of Fortune.
  • Scene: Several Magic notepapers on both sides.
  • Duration: 20 December - 27 December

15 Days of Christmas[edit | edit source]

15 Days of Christmas banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Festive crackers appear on Gielinor, with a chance of a rare Black santa hat
  • Scene: A Festive cracker being pulled open to reveal the Black santa hat
  • Duration: 19 December - 7 January

Up to Snow Good[edit | edit source]

Up to Snow Good banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New Christmas Event.
  • Scene: San'tar Klaws near a burning Christmas tree
  • Duration: 17 December - 7 January

RS Companion[edit | edit source]

RS Companion banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Brand new Companion app released for phones, tablets and browsers.
  • Scene: Three phones each showing a part of the companion app.
  • Duration: 17 December - 19 December

Festive Heads[edit | edit source]

Festive Heads banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New Festive heads when redeeming Red and Green Pre-Paid cards until 31 December 2013
  • Scene: Two adventurers wearing the Snowman head and Christmas pudding head overrides.
  • Duration: 12 December - 18 December

Top Trumps[edit | edit source]

Top Trumps banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Brand new Top Trumps cards now available to buy.
  • Scene: Several Top Trumps cards shown off, including Vorago, the Evil Chicken and the Queen Black Dragon
  • Duration: 12 December - 19 December

The Bird and the Beast[edit | edit source]

The Bird and the Beast banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Bandos and Armadyl battle to collect energy to construct a weapon that can kill their opponent.
  • Scene: Bandos on the left, Armadyl on the right with a war meter in the centre.
  • Duration: 5 December - 11 December, 19 December - 20 December

Squeal of Fortune - Summoning Spirit Gems[edit | edit source]

SoF Summoning XP banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New diamond, dragonstone and onyx spirit gems on the Squeal of Fortune.
  • Scene: Yelps wearing blue robes while holding a miniature Ice titan in his hand.
  • Duration: 5 December - 11 December

Harbingers of Tuska[edit | edit source]

Harbingers of Tuska banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Brand new level 92 slayer monsters that drop the first pair of level 90 gloves.
  • Scene: An Airut standing inside a cave.
  • Duration: 3 December - 11 December

Premier Club[edit | edit source]

Premier Club 2 banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Premier Club returns with more exclusives throughout 2014
  • Scene: An Aviansie overlooking the Empyrean Citadel
  • Duration: 3 December - 12 December

Festive Aura[edit | edit source]

Festive Aura 2013 banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Festive Aura returns with 50% bonus experience every day.
  • Scene: An adventurer wearing the wings from the Festive aura with a Fremennik dressed snowman in the background
  • Duration: 2 December - 5 December, 11 December - 12 December

Thanksgiving Takeover[edit | edit source]

Turkey Takeover banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Turkey spawns at the Lumbridge crater
  • Scene: A Turkey standing in a forest area
  • Duration: 28 November - 2 December

Solomon's General Store - Unicorn Companion Pets[edit | edit source]

Unicorn Companion banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Two new Unicorn pets now available from Solomon's General Store
  • Scene: Two unicorns, each representing good and evil lying on some hay.
  • Duration: 26 November - 2 December

Squeal of Fortune: Protean Planks & Construction XP[edit | edit source]

SoF Construction XP banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New construction planks on the Squeal of Fortune.
  • Scene: Lumbridge in the background with Yelps holding the construction banner in the foreground.
  • Duration: 22 November - 26 November

Barrows - Rise of the Six[edit | edit source]

Barrows Rise of the Six banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Fight against newly powered-up Barrows Brothers
  • Scene: The six Barrows Brothers standing infront of a purple portal
  • Duration: 13 November - 26 November

Solomon's General Store: Character Team Showcase 2[edit | edit source]

SGS Character Team Showcase 2 banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Two new outfits on Solomon's General Store
  • Scene: Two adventurers wearing the Ogre Infiltrator and Drakewing outfits
  • Duration: 13 November - 26 November

Squeal of Fortune - Life and Death[edit | edit source]

Life and Death banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Brand new masks on the Squeal of Fortune dedicated to Icthlarin and Amascut
  • Scene: An Egyptian-like carving of Icthlarin on the left and Amascut on the right.
  • Duration: 7 November - 19 November

Well of Goodwill[edit | edit source]

Well of Goodwill banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Donate in-game wealth for charity.
  • Scene: The well of Goodwill on a hill with Gielinor showing in the background
  • Duration: 30 October - 2 December

Lumbridge Rebuildathon[edit | edit source]

Lumbridge Rebuildathon banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Help rebuild Lumbridge after the battle between Saradomin and Zamorak
  • Scene: The adventurer and several NPCs sitting watching over Lumbridge
  • Duration: 30 October - 13 November

RuneFest LIVE[edit | edit source]

RuneFest Live banner.jpg

  • Occasion: RuneFest 3 Livestream starts on 2 November at 11am GMT.
  • Scene: The RuneFest LIVE logo on a red background
  • Duration: 29 October - 6 November

Sinister Clown Mask[edit | edit source]

Sinister Clown Mask banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Sinister clown face available through Green pre-paid cards.
  • Scene: A female adventurer wearing the Sinister clown face override.
  • Duration: 24 October - 7 November

Sirenic Armour[edit | edit source]

Sirenic Armour banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New Sirenic Armour for level 90+ rangers.
  • Scene: Two adventurers wearing Sirenic Armour.
  • Duration: 22 October - 30 October

Missing, Presumed Death[edit | edit source]

Missing, Presumed Death banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New Sixth Age quest featuring Death and Icthlarin.
  • Scene: Death staring at some trapped souls
  • Duration: 15 October - 29 October

Treevolution[edit | edit source]

Treevolution banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Two new trees released, the Elder tree and the Crystal tree.
  • Scene: An adventurer cutting an Elder tree in the background while a Dragon hatchet is stuck in a cut down Elder tree.
  • Duration: 8 October - 22 October

Mine Blowing[edit | edit source]

Mine Blowing banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New Bonus XP items for Mining and Smithing on the Squeal of Fortune from 4 October - 14 October 2013
  • Scene: A Dwarven miner trapped in rubble being helped by an adventurer
  • Duration: 3 October - 15 October

Birthright of the Dwarves[edit | edit source]

Birthright of the Dwarves banner.jpg

  • Occasion: The final quest in the Rise of the Red Axe Saga.
  • Scene: Hreidmar in the foreground while a group of Chaos Dwarves are in the background.
  • Duration: 2 October - 15 October

Maintenance[edit | edit source]

  • Occasion: Runescape Down for Maintenance
  • Scene: The text "Down for Maintenance" on a red background
  • Duration: 1 October

Bonds[edit | edit source]

Bonds banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Bond introduced to RuneScape
  • Scene: The text Introducing Bonds on a purple background
  • Duration: 27 September - 29 September, 30 September - 8 October

RuneFest 3[edit | edit source]

RuneFest 3 banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Tickets for RuneFest 3 are now available to buy.
  • Scene: The RuneFest 3 logo on a red background.
  • Duration: 23 September - 25 September

Carnage Racing[edit | edit source]

Carnage Racing banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Carnage Racing available to download on the app store from September 19th.
  • Scene: Several cars from the game racing on the left.
  • Duration: 18 September - 25 September

Daemonheim Task Set[edit | edit source]

Daemonheim Task Set banner.jpg

  • Occasion: A brand new task set at Daemonheim.
  • Scene: An adventurer ready to trek into Daemonheims dungeon
  • Duration: 10 September - 23 September

Golden Chinchompa[edit | edit source]

Golden chinchompa banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Golden chinchompas available to win from the Squeal of Fortune
  • Scene: A baby golden chinchompa surrounded by gold coins
  • Duration: 6 September - 17 September

Solomon's Store Merge[edit | edit source]

Update:The New Solomon's General Store

  • Occasion: Solomon's General Store now merged with the Members Loyalty Programme
  • Scene: Solomon on the left with several mannequins on the right
  • Duration: 3 September - 17 September

Super September[edit | edit source]

Super September banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New Super challenges throughout September
  • Scene: An adventurer wearing the Superior hero outfit
  • Duration: 30 August - 25 September

Solomon's store[edit | edit source]

Solomon Store merge banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Solomon's Store merging with the Member's Loyalty Programme shop on 27 August
  • Scene: Solomon on the left with a mannequin on the right
  • Duration: 23 August - 27 August

Siege Pets[edit | edit source]

Siege pets banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New Siege pets now available on Solomon's Store
  • Scene: Prototype Colossal on the left and Warborn Behemoth on the right
  • Duration: 20 August - 3 September

Divination[edit | edit source]

Divination banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Brand new Skill released
  • Scene: Several spheres of divine energy near a small crater
  • Duration: 20 August - 10 September

Shaman gear[edit | edit source]

Shaman gear banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New Shaman gear available on the Squeal of Fortune August 16th
  • Scene: An adventurer wearing the new Shaman gear while a spirit wolf surrounds them.
  • Duration: 15 August - 27 August

The Death of Chivalry[edit | edit source]

The Death of Chivalry banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Brand new 6th Age quest starring Sir Owen
  • Scene: Sir Owen cuffed up standing next to a disguised adventurer
  • Duration: 13 August - 20 August

Battle of Lumbridge: Week 3[edit | edit source]

Battle of Lumbridge Week 3 banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Week 3 of The Battle of Lumbridge event
  • Scene: Saradomin on the left and Zamorak on the right with a bar in the middle showing Saradomin currently winning the Battle.
  • Duration: 5 August - 20 August, 4 September - 18 September, 23 September - 25 September

Battle of Lumbridge Week 2[edit | edit source]

Battle of Lumbridge Week 2 banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Week 2 of The Battle of Lumbridge event
  • Scene: Green crystals surrounding the battlefield with some buildings destroyed.
  • Duration: 29 July - 5 August

Battle Armour[edit | edit source]

Battle Armour banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New Battle armour cosmetic overrides now on Solomon's Store
  • Scene: Two of the new armours shown on the left.
  • Duration: 23 July - 13 August

RuneScape 3[edit | edit source]

RS3 Banner.jpg

  • Occasion: RuneScape 3 is now live.
  • Scene: An adventurer overlooking Gielinor
  • Duration: 22 July - 13 August

Battle of Lumbridge[edit | edit source]

Battle of Lumbridge banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New World Event named The Battle of Lumbridge
  • Scene: An explosion occurring at Lumbridge Forest
  • Duration: 22 July - 29 July

Heads Will Roll Again[edit | edit source]

Slayer Masks batch 2 banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New Slayer masks on the Squeal of Fortune
  • Scene: An Adventurer wearing a Helm of Devilry.
  • Duration: 12 July - 22 July

Bringing Home the Bacon[edit | edit source]

Bringing Home the Bacon banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Brand new Bacon quest now available
  • Scene: A Bacon addict looking over a pig
  • Duration: 9 July - 22 July

Adopt A Companion[edit | edit source]

Adopt a Companion banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New pet now available on Solomon's General Store
  • Scene: An adventurer looking over Gielinor with their Vorago Shard pet
  • Duration: 9 July - 22 July

Vorago[edit | edit source]

Vorago banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New Boss released with new Level 90 mage gear as drops
  • Scene: An adventurer ready to attack Vorago.
  • Duration: 3 July - 12 July

Crown of Seasons[edit | edit source]

Crown of Seasons banner.jpg

  • 'Event: New tradeable rare now on the Squeal of Fortune
  • Scene: The Crown of Seasons shown on the left, showing each of the four seasons around it.
  • Duration:27 June - 9 July

Lamp of the Djinn[edit | edit source]

Lamp of the Djinn banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Construct lamps with lamp parts won on the Squeal of Fortune
  • Scene: A Ghul Lamp in the foreground with the other 4 constructable lamps in the background.
  • Duration: 14 June - 27 June

Triskelion Treasures[edit | edit source]

Triskelion Treasures banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Triskelion key and new dragonstone armour released.
  • Scene: A dark cave in the background with the Triskelion key replacing the "O" and a dragonstone replacing the dot in the i on the font Triskelion.
  • Duration: 11 June - 9 July

SoF Ranged Gear[edit | edit source]

SoF Ranged gear banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Brand new Skirmisher armour and White Stag bow on the Squeal of Fortune
  • Scene: An adventurer wearing the Skirmisher armour and White stag bow.
  • Duration: 7 June - 11 June

Order of Ascension[edit | edit source]

Order of Ascension banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Huge new slayer dungeon with level 90 ranged weapons
  • Scene: An adventurer entering the slayer dungeons door
  • Duration: 4 June - 9 July

Aurora armour[edit | edit source]

Aurora armour banner.png

  • Occasion: Aurora armour cosmetic override available to those who purchase any three month subscription package between the 1st of June to the 31st of July.
  • Scene: A warrior wearing aurora armour.
  • Duration: 31 May - 19 July

God Emissaries[edit | edit source]

God Emissaries banner.png

  • Occasion: God Emissaries appear on Runescape
  • Scene: Several banners of gods, note that the more evil groups are located left and the more good groups are located right.
  • Duration: 29 May - 11 June

Dragon Keepsake box Weapons[edit | edit source]

Dragon keepsake box weapon.jpg

  • Occasion: Dragon keepsake boxes now work on weapons and shields
  • Scene: A Dragon keepsake box on the left
  • Duration: 29 May - 9 July

Harvest Heaven[edit | edit source]

Harvest Heaven banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New High level farming plants
  • Scene: An adventurer picking some fruit.
  • Duration: 20 May - 4 June

Alchemist's Amulet Returns[edit | edit source]

Alchemist's Amulet banner 2.jpg

Elements of Death[edit | edit source]

Elements of Death banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Kill animations for pvp.
  • Scene: Elemental bubble graphics shadowed by a skull.
  • Duration: 14 May - 20 May

The Nexus[edit | edit source]

The Nexus banner.jpg

  • Occasion: A new Prayer training method at Lumbridge Swamps.
  • Scene: Several Wall beasts' hands reaching for the bowl.
  • Duration: 14 May -

Instanced God Wars[edit | edit source]

Extreme God Wars banner.jpg

  • Occasion: God Wars dungeon boss rooms are instanced and have a Hard Mode option.
  • Scene: Two Adventurers ready to battle K'ril Tsutsaroth.
  • Duration: 30 April - 20 May

Party in a Box[edit | edit source]

Party in a Box banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Party Boxes now out on Solomon's General Store.
  • Scene: A Party Box being opened.
  • Duration: 30 April - 17 May

Starfire Weapons[edit | edit source]

Power of the stars banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Collect starfire ore to make starfire weapons
  • Scene: Doric in the background while the player uses the Starfire bow
  • Duration: 26 April - 6 May

Charm Sprites[edit | edit source]

Charm Sprites banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Catch Charm sprites for bigger rewards
  • Scene: A player attempting to catch a Charm Sprite
  • Duration: 24 April - 30 April

New Super-Rares[edit | edit source]

Rare A Day banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New super rares added to the Squeal of Fortune.
  • Scene: Squeal of Fortune in background with cards showing images of the new rares.
  • Duration: 19 April - 22 April

Elemental Outfits[edit | edit source]

Elemental Outfits banner.jpg

  • Occasion: 4 new outfits added to Solomon's General Store.
  • Scene: Each outfit displayed in a panel.
  • Duration: 19 April - 30 April

Duel Arena rework[edit | edit source]

Duel Arena rework banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Duel Arena rework.
  • Scene: Two players participating in a duel.
  • Duration: 16 April - 24 April

Castle Wars revamped[edit | edit source]

Castle Wars Revamped banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Castle Wars rework.
  • Scene: Saradomin side of Castle Wars under attack.
  • Duration: 9 April - 19 April

Super-Rare a Day[edit | edit source]

Super Rare A Day banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Super rares on the Squeal of Fortune lowering in rarity before being removed for good.
  • Scene: Calendar in the background next to Squeal of Fortune showing different rares on the days.
  • Duration: 9 April - 19 April

Samid's gloves[edit | edit source]

Samid Gloves Banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Samid's gloves on the Squeal of Fortune.
  • Scene: Coins falling into a cooking pot.
  • Duration: 5 April - 9 April

Runescape Beta Programme[edit | edit source]

Runescape Beta Programme banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Beta signups for the new HTML5 client.
  • Scene: Gielinor.
  • Duration: 4 April - 16 April

Dual-wielding Dungeoneering[edit | edit source]

Dual-wielding Dungeoneering banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New Dungeoneering weapons, Charming imp reward.
  • Scene: Three adventurers wielding Daemonheim offhands.
  • Duration: 2 April - 9 April

Warband armour[edit | edit source]

Warband Outfits banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Cosmetic Archon outfit and Warlord outfit added to Squeal of Fortune.
  • Scene: A warrior in an Archon outfit charging ahead with knife drawn.
  • Duration: 29 March - 2 April

Wilderness Warbands[edit | edit source]

Wilderness Warbands banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Wilderness Warbands D&D released.
  • Scene: A character sneaking into an Armadylian camp.
  • Duration: 25 March - 9 April

Slayer masks[edit | edit source]

Slayer Masks banner.jpg

  • Occasion: 5 different Slayer masks available from the Squeal of Fortune.
  • Scene: A menacing image of the Mask of the Kura.
  • Duration: 22 March - 2 April

Skypouncer outfit[edit | edit source]

Skypouncer Outfit banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Skypouncer Outfit membership card promotion.
  • Scene: A bearded man displaying the Skypouncer outfit.
  • Duration: 21 March - 30 April

Feast of Guthix[edit | edit source]

Feast of Guthix banner.jpg

  • Occasion: First Age outfit, Coin of Balance, prayer event for the Squeal of Fortune.
  • Scene: Characters dressed in First Age outfits bearing food offerings to Guthix; a Coin of Balance being flipped in the foreground.
  • Duration: 15 March - 18 March

Tribute to Guthix[edit | edit source]

Tribute to Guthix banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Tribute to Guthix spring event.
  • Scene: A manifestation of Guthix holding a butterfly.
  • Duration: 12 March - 4 April

The World Wakes[edit | edit source]

The World Wakes banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Release of a world-changing grandmaster quest, The World Wakes.
  • Scene: What seems to be an adventurer and Orlando Smith at the entrance of Guthix's first resting place. The adventurer seems to hover a torch over a sealed enigmatic door.
  • Duration: 4 March - 25 March, 2 April - 5 April

God Robes and Teleports[edit | edit source]

God Robes banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Four god-themed outfits available from Solomon's General Store.
  • Scene: A character wearing Zamorak-styled robes teleporting with the respective animation.
  • Duration: 4 March - 12 March, 14 March - 25 March

The Origins of Gielinor[edit | edit source]

Origins of Gielinor banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Release of motion comic depicting Gielinor's beginnings in preview of The World Wakes.
  • Scene: What appears to be the Elder Gods conceiving Gielinor. Links to the video on RuneScape's official YouTube channel.
  • Duration: 28 February - 18 March

Old School RuneScape[edit | edit source]

Old School RS banner 2.jpg

  • Occasion: Release of Old School RuneScape, available free for a month to players who voted.
  • Scene: The same scene as the first banner, zoomed in on the conflict. Links to the Old School RS homepage.
  • Duration: 22 February - 14 March

Bestiary[edit | edit source]

Bestiary banner.jpg

Old School RuneScape poll[edit | edit source]

Old School RS banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Poll to determine extent of Old School RuneScape published. Banner links to special poll page.
  • Scene: Lord Sulla locked in combat with Kara-Meir. Also includes the old RuneScape logo.
  • Duration: 15 February - 22 February

Valentine Yelps[edit | edit source]

Valentines 2013 banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Valentines-themed items added to Squeal of Fortune; Valentine hearts.
  • Scene: Cupid and a hateful counterpart brandishing the Cupid bow and the Rosethorn wand, respectively.
  • Duration: 14 February - 25 February

Slayer Tower: Revamped[edit | edit source]

Slayer Tower Revamped banner.jpg

Free Bank Space[edit | edit source]

Free Bank Space banner.jpg

  • Occasion: One Bank booster +50 available to all members.
  • Scene: An open bank vault with a glimpse of valuable items inside.
  • Duration: 5 February - 18 February

Replay Tokens Return[edit | edit source]

Replay Tokens Return banner.jpg

  • Occasion: D&D tokens return, Ramokee outfit on the Squeal of Fortune.
  • Scene: A woman wearing the Ramokee outfit and holding several replay tokens.
  • Duration:

Dragon Wolf[edit | edit source]

Dragon Wolf banner.jpg

Sinkholes[edit | edit source]

Sinkholes banner.jpg

Cash Bags[edit | edit source]

Cash Bags banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Cash bags added to the Squeal of Fortune.
  • Scene: A sack of gold containing Yelps, among mountains of gold pieces.
  • Duration:

Shadow Series[edit | edit source]

Shadow Series banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New Solomon's store skins
  • Scene: Shadow Series on display.
  • Duration:

Demonflesh Armour[edit | edit source]

Demonflesh Armour banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New Solomon's store skins.
  • Scene: Demonflesh Armour on display.
  • Duration:

Demon Flash Mobs[edit | edit source]

Demon Flash Mobs banner.jpg

Summoning Wheel[edit | edit source]

Summoning Wheel banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Summoning-themed Squeal of Fortune promotion.
  • Scene: Yelps dressed in robes with a glowing summoning pouch across from him.
  • Duration:

Abduction Teleports[edit | edit source]

Abduction Teleports banner.jpg

  • Occasion: New teleport animations added to Solomon's General Store.
  • Scene: A player being whisked away by a KGP agent.
  • Duration:

Desert Tasks[edit | edit source]

link:Update:Desert Tasks

  • Occasion: Release of Desert Tasks.
  • Scene: An adventurer, with an Ancient staff in the Kharidian desert looking at a checklist.
  • Duration:

Crazy Construction[edit | edit source]

Crazy Construction banner.jpg

  • Occasion: Construction-themed Squeal of Fortune promotion.
  • Scene: Yelps pointing out Construction items on his wheel.
  • Duration:

Kalphite Cosmetic Outfits[edit | edit source]

Kalphite cosmetic outfits head banner.jpg

Kalphite King[edit | edit source]


  • Occasion: Release of the Kalphite King.
  • Scene: A player face to face with the Kalphite King, which appears to be rising out of the desert sand.
  • Duration: 14 January -

Hati & Sköll[edit | edit source]


  • Occasion: Return of Hati and Sköll for the 2013 Winter event.
  • Scene: A fierce-looking Hati menacing the viewer amidst snow.
  • Duration: 14 January -

God Statues[edit | edit source]

God Statues

  • Occasion: Release of God Statues.
  • Scene: Two adventurers peering up at an intimidating god statue under construction.
  • Duration: 3 January - 14 January