Haricanto's ritual of enchantment

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Haricanto's ritual of enchantment is a ritual devised by Haricanto that, when performed on an amulet, allows the wearer to force a ghost to perform one task before the power dissipates.[1] During Ghosts Ahoy, the Old crone performs the ritual on the player's Ghostspeak amulet so that they can force Necrovarus to allow the ghosts of Port Phasmatys to move on to the afterlife. She learns the spell from the Book of haricanto and it's accompanying Translation manual, and she uses the power of Necrovarus's mystical robes to create the enchanted ghostspeak amulet.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Old crone, "Ghosts Ahoy", RuneScape. "There is an enchantment that I can perform on such an amulet that will give it the power of command over ghosts. It will work only once, but it will enable you to command Necrovarus to let the ghosts pass on."
  2. ^ Old crone, "Ghosts Ahoy", RuneScape. "Necrovarus had a magical robe for which he must have no more use. Only these robes hold the power needed to perform the enchantment. All his rituals come from a book written by an ancient sorcerer from the East called Haricanto. Bring me this strange book. I cannot read the strange letters of the eastern lands. I will need something to help me translate the book."