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For the siren, see Hari (Tuai Leit).
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Hari stands at the canoe station in Edgeville and guides the player in the use of the canoe system used to travel the River Lum. He explains that he is an adventurer that has come to Edgeville to seek adventure, and that he has discovered an underground section of the river that leads deep into the heart of the Wilderness. Hari will also inform the player that only the Waka canoe, which was invented by his people, is strong enough to survive the trip to the Wilderness station. Hari will lend his hatchet to players that attempt to use the canoe station without one.

Hari was also featured in Meg's cases, an activity in the Mega May event in 2016. As part of the event, Hari had lent his hatchet to a clumsy yet strong player that accidentally whisked it away, causing it to go missing and asking the player to retrieve and return it.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Hari speaks in:

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